What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has set a new standard for ERP systems with its extensive capabilities. It has brought the best qualities of its predecessor, Microsoft Dynamics AX to the next level, enhancing the software with the capacities of cloud computing. Here, you can find more about its features and deployment possibilities with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner.

Power of Cloud Architecture

Both cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its on-premises version have numerous benefits for companies, although the first has specific advantages supported by its cloud architecture.

First of all, FSCM has robust integration with other essential Microsoft products like Office and Outlook, Power Apps as well as a wide range of third-party extensions and software. Cloud integration along with data centralization allow you to combine your ERP system with CRM solutions provided by Microsoft.

Secondly, the cloud architecture improves the safety of your organization’s data. It will be protected by state-of-the-art cyber security solutions of Microsoft Azure. Additionally, you can rest assured your data will be retrieved in case of disasters thanks to cloud backup services.

Finally, it is much easier to deploy a cloud-based system in a large organization than the one offered on-premises. With or without the help of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner, you will be able to enjoy the functionality of FSCM on all of the company’s devices whether through a web browser or mobile and desktop applications.

Improved Licensing

A flexible licensing plan is another beneficial feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With it, companies can dynamically change the number of modules, users and their access to the system’s functionality. The final licensing costs depend on the exact features your organization will be using.

Without a stable predefined price for the entire suite, it is easier to save money and adjust the ERP system to the real-life needs of your business. This also makes the system scalable as you can change the number of users, extend or limit their access and modify the system’s functionality at any moment.

Intelligent Tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is known for its intelligent features which help companies to get predictive insights from their data and make smarter decisions. Cortana and Power BI can be used for numerous tasks including financial analysis or optimized demand predictions for warehousing, inventory and manufacturing management.

Artificial intelligence combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) opens even more opportunities for enterprises. Improved logistics, support for the asset, warehouse and inventory management and significant reduction of costly downtime are a few examples of the cutting-edge technologies offered by FSCM.

Digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

As mentioned above, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a simplified implementation. You do not have to invest in expensive physical infrastructure and pay for its maintenance to be able to use the ERP system. Once access to the functionality is granted, you will be able to use it from any device and enjoy seamless updates on each of them.

Yet, the challenge of the implementation process concerns the configuration of your future system and data preparation. Depending on the scale of your business, accommodating FSCM in your company might exceed half a year. To make the process smoother and avoid costly modifications in the future, you might consider working with an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner like XPLUS.

XPLUS is an Inner Circle 2022/2023 Member with extensive experience in the implementation of ERP systems in companies of different sizes, industries, locations and diverse complexity.

XPLUS will make sure you can adjust the software to fit your company’s business needs rather than squeeze your requirements into the boundaries of the default system configuration.

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