Unleash the Magic of Light Sky’s Lunar Beam Head Beam Light

Glimpse into a world of extraordinary lighting with Light Sky‘s cutting-edge head beam light fixture, the Lunar Beam. This advanced stage light is designed to astound, featuring a φ178mm lens and a powerful 421W(LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp that delivers even facula and stunning lighting effects. With its impressive array of features, including prisms, a user-friendly interface, and a durable construction, the Lunar Beam is the perfect upgrade for any lighting setup.

Harness the Power of Light

The Lunar Beam’s φ178mm lens and high-powered 421W(LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp combine to create a spellbinding illumination. Whether you’re highlighting a specific area or casting a wide wash of light, the Lunar Beam produces even facula and delivers breathtaking lighting effects that captivate audiences. Prepare to dazzle with the precision and brilliance of this head beam light.

Prismatic Marvels

Discover the Lunar Beam’s mesmerizing prism capabilities. With 8 prisms, 16 double prisms, and various prism combinations, this head beam light allows you to unleash a world of color and patterns onto the stage. From vibrant rainbows to intricate geometric shapes, the Lunar Beam empowers you to create visually stunning spectacles that elevate any performance.

Seamless Control and Easy Installation

Navigating the Lunar Beam’s features is a breeze, thanks to its LCD backlit screen and mobile app control. Effortlessly adjust settings, fine-tune lighting effects, and explore the full creative potential of this head beam light fixture. Additionally, the Lunar Beam’s standard clamp system ensures easy installation, allowing you to quickly set up and focus on delivering unforgettable performances.

Innovative Control System

The Lunar Beam is equipped with a comprehensive control system that includes 12 super quiet motors and support for DMX512 control. Choose from standard 16CH, simple 14CH, or 16PLUS channel options to suit your specific needs. Additionally, the fixture boasts a built-in long-life battery for IP address configuration, a USB intelligent upgrade system for easy software updates, and convenient functions like remote control lamp switching.


Light Sky’s Lunar Beam head beam light is a game-changer in the world of stage lighting. Its powerful performance, versatile features, and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for creating captivating lighting displays. With the Lunar Beam, you can transform any performance into a mesmerizing visual spectacle that leaves a lasting impression. Unleash your creativity and take your lighting to new heights with Light Sky’s innovative head beam light fixture.

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