Unimed Spo2 Sensors and Interface Cables: Accurate Measurements and Reliable Transmission

Accurate spo2 level measurement is crucial for healthcare providers, and Unimed understands the importance of high-quality spo2 sensors and interface cables. In this article, we will delve into Unimed’s spo2 sensors and interface cables, highlighting their essential components for spo2 level measurement and the features that ensure accurate measurements and reliable signal transmission.

Essential Components for Spo2 Level Measurement

Spo2 sensors, also known as pulse oximeter sensors, are vital components in spo2 level measurement. Unimed offers a comprehensive range of spo2 probe sizes suitable for adult, pediatric, infant, and neonate patients. These different sizes cater to various measuring positions, including finger, toe, thumb, hand, or foot application. Among them, the fingertip spo2 sensor is the most common type, providing a convenient and comfortable monitoring experience for patients. With Unimed’s spo2 sensors, healthcare providers can confidently monitor spo2 levels across different patient demographics.

Features for Accurate Measurements and Stable Signal Transmission

Unimed’s spo2 sensors are designed with advanced features to ensure accurate measurements, even for patients with deep-colored fingers. Utilizing brighter LED lights, these spo2 sensors deliver precise spo2 readings, enabling healthcare providers to make accurate assessments of patients’ oxygen saturation levels.

In addition to spo2 sensors, Unimed provides interface cables that enhance compatibility and versatility. These interface cables enable the seamless integration of Unimed’s spo2 sensors with a wide range of monitors. By using Unimed’s spo2 interface cables, healthcare providers can connect spo2 sensors to different monitor models, expanding their monitoring capabilities and optimizing patient care.


In a nutshell, Unimed’s spo2 sensors and interface cables are designed to deliver accurate spo2 measurements and reliable signal transmission. With essential components catering to different measuring positions and advanced features like brighter LED lights, Unimed ensures accurate spo2 readings for patients. The interface cables enhance compatibility and versatility, enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate Unimed’s spo2 sensors with various monitor models. The medical-grade materials and double shielding of Unimed’s interface cables ensure stable signal transmission, minimizing interference and providing reliable spo2 data.


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