The Ultimate Online Sic Bo Experience at NEW88 Home Page

The Ultimate Online Sic Bo Experience at NEW88 Home Page

Online dice is a popular and popular game in online bookmakers. And among many online bookmakers today, Nhà Cái New88 is one of the reliable addresses for you to play dice with full features and attractive incentives. Let’s learn about this game on NEW88 and the interesting things it brings to players.

Introduction to online dice

Sic Bo is a long-standing folk game and is loved by many people. In the online version, dice is played via computer or mobile phone, allowing players to participate anytime, anywhere without having to go to a casino or cafe. Online dice NEW88 is no exception, bringing players great and exciting experiences.

How to play dice online on NEW88

To play online dice on NEW88, you need to have a member account on this house. After logging in, you can go to “Casino” to find dice games. On the game’s interface, you will see a betting table with 6 squares representing the 6 sides of the dice. You can place a bet by selecting the amount and corresponding bet box, then press the “Play” button to spin the dice.

Each time you spin, the results will be displayed right on the screen and the winnings will be added to your account if you guess correctly. If you want to play again, just press the “Replay” button and continue betting. The special thing is that the dice have an auto-spin feature, helping you save time and increase your chances of winning.

Attractive offers and promotions when playing online dice on NEW88

One of the reasons why players love NEW88 is the variety and richness of offers and promotions. Especially with online dice, NEW88 always has special promotions for players. Eg:

  • Refund promotion: Every week, NEW88 will refund a part of the bet to players when they lose in dice. The refund rate can be up to 20%, allowing you to play comfortably without worrying about losses.
  • Deposit bonus: When depositing money into your account, NEW88 will give you a corresponding bonus. This money can be used to play dice or other games on the house.
  • VIP program: NEW88 also has a VIP program for regular and high-achieving players. VIP members will enjoy many special offers, including great prizes and exclusive benefits.

In addition, NEW88 also has many other promotions such as giving birthday gifts, referring friends, refunding bets when losing… All of these incentives will help you have more motivation and a chance to win in the game. Online dice game on NEW88.

Special features of online dice game on NEW88

Online dice NEW88 is not simply a game of chance, but also has many special features to help players increase their chances of winning. Below are the outstanding features of the game on NEW88:

Auto spin feature

As mentioned above, the auto-spin feature saves you time and increases your chances of winning. You can choose the number of spins from 10 to 100 times and just sit back and watch the results displayed on the screen. Helps you not miss any opportunity and be able to play online dice on NEW88 easily and conveniently.

Xem : Đá Gà New88

Automatic betting feature

If you want to play dice on NEW88 without having to bet constantly, the automatic betting feature will be the perfect choice for you. You can choose different bet levels and number of spins, then press the “Start” button to start spinning. This feature will help you save time and focus on reading results.

Feature to view recording history

To help players track and analyze previous spin results, NEW88 provides the feature to view spin history. You can review recent spin results and statistics to find effective playing tips.

Share your winning experiences when playing online dice on NEW88

To be able to win in online dice On NEW88, you need to have some experience and effective playing strategies. Based on the experiences gathered by NEW88 from practice and the basic principles of this game, our house would like to share the following:

Game rules and how to calculate online dice points

Before starting to play, carefully learn the rules and scoring of the dice game. This helps you bet accurately and increase your chances of winning.

Bet according to equal odds

When playing online dice, you should bet according to a balanced ratio to minimize risks and increase your chances of winning. For example, bet on 3 squares with equal odds to increase your chances of winning big.

Use the auto-rotate feature

The auto-spin feature helps you play multiple times without having to bet continuously. Helps you save time and focus on reading results so you can adjust your playing strategy more effectively.


With special features, attractive incentives and winning experiences shared above, we believe you will have memorable experiences when playing. online dice on the NEW88 homepage. Quickly register to become a member and start exciting adventures today.


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