The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Piano Movers

They say that change is the only constant thing in the world. Times are changing, and so are people. You might have experienced moving out at some point in your life. If you have not, you probably will, sooner or later.

Moving in or out is not easy, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Packing, moving, and unpacking are exhausting tasks. What more if you need to move heavy, fragile things like a piano?

If you are a piano owner and want to hire Charleston Piano Movers to move your instrument, this blog is for you!

Piano moving is complex; you may do it yourself or hire professional help. Now, what are the benefits of spending money to hire professionals?

A. They know how to move your piano correctly.

If necessary, expert piano movers can help you disassemble various piano parts, such as the keyboards, pedals, monitor cover boards (or fall boards), etc. Additionally, the work of professional piano movers doesn’t finish with the delivery of the piano to your new home.

Expert piano movers will put your piano keyboard back together so that no one will ever know it was moved.

Before applying the shrink wrap, expert piano movers may, if necessary, spray coat your piano’s structure to provide further defense against the dampness, humidity, and salt air weather conditions that are typical in coastal areas.

B. They have all the right equipment.

Piano movers will be prepared for any possibility and have everything on hand. When movers arrive at your residence, they will plan the best route to take the piano outside using the tools they have available.

A business that is ready will have heavy-duty straps, piano covers, appropriate furniture dollies, and anything else needed for a sturdy and easy relocation.

C. The likelihood of any harm or accidents occurring is reduced significantly.

Moving stuff as heavy as a piano is not easy, you know it. Hiring professional movers will reduce the risk of accidents and damage to your instrument.

Professional piano movers have handled a variety of pianos, including upright, baby grand, grand, vintage, console, and more. You can rest your worries. Your piano will be handled effectively and safely because they have seen it all.

D. They offer insurance.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. If, unfortunately, something happens to your piano while in transit, a licensed professional piano mover will cover the damages.

Replacement or repair costs are not for you to worry about; the company will cover them for you. Make sure to check the company’s insurance coverage before signing with them. Check the certificate of insurance beforehand.

E. You can save time if you hire professional piano movers.

It takes hours to lift and transfer the piano for individuals who are not used to handling such a fragile and weighty instrument. Why spend a lot of time figuring out how to move your own piano when you can hire professional movers?

F. It is cost-effective.

Moving a piano can be costly due to the cost of straps, blankets, and piano skids. Additionally, any damage incurred during the transport may significantly raise the project’s total cost. Professional piano moving services normally costs range from $150 to $250, which is comparable to the cost of the piano skid alone. Why risk it?

There are various types of a piano; whatever type you own, it is still best if you will hire professional movers if necessary.

The upright piano is the tallest of the vertical pianos; this particular design has a height beyond 50 inches. Although console pianos are more popular today, these were common choices for homeowners in the early 20th century.

The grand piano is another type of piano. Although there are many other types of horizontal pianos that have been built over the years, grand pianos are often called to as horizontal pianos. Grand pianos are typically found in performance halls. However, amateurs, professionals, and people who simply appreciate opulent entertainment may also own these instruments.

The most common type of grand piano is the baby grand piano. It can have widths up to 5’7″ and is frequently found in homes, recital halls, and places of worship.

Regardless of type, moving a piano on your own is quite risky in so many ways. If you ever find yourself moving in or out of your house, you can always hire Upright Piano Movers Charleston. Considering all the benefits of hiring a piano moving professional, you can be sure that your money will not go to waste.

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