The Benefits of Digital Art NFTs

The Benefits of Digital Art NFTs

Since their inception, NFTs have become increasingly popular for both creators and collectors and are becoming more publicly known now. Still, not everyone is aware of the benefits that they can bring. This blog will look into the benefits of digital art NFTs and how you can create your own, so let’s get into it.

Benefits of Digital Art NFTs

Digital Art NFTs offer a plethora of benefits for creators. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Increased exposure: Digital Art NFTs provide creators with a way to showcase their work to a larger audience. With the help of the blockchain, they can be easily shared and traded, allowing for greater exposure.
  • Easy to Sell: Digital Art NFTs are easily transferable and can be bought, sold, and traded without the need for intermediaries. This makes it easier for creators to monetize their work.
  • Portability: Digital Art NFTs are not limited to a single physical location. This makes them highly portable and allows for more accessible storage and transportation.
  • Secure Ownership: Digital Art NFTs provide creators with a safe way to store and transfer ownership of their work. The blockchain ensures that each token is unique and can’t be replaced by another, providing an extra layer of security.

Digital Art NFT Market Statistics

The digital art market is booming, with the total value of digital art sales reaching an all-time high in 2020. According to a report by, the total number of digital art transactions in 2020 was over $51 million, with the average transaction size reaching $2,000.

The report also found that the total number of digital art NFTs sold in 2020 was over 3 million, with the average sale price reaching $19. Additionally, the report found that the most popular digital art NFTs were sold for an average of $300.

These numbers show that the digital art market is growing and that creators can capitalize on the trend.

How to Create a Digital Art NFT

Creating a Digital Art NFT is not as difficult as it may seem; you will need to consider a platform like to host it. Here are the other steps you need to take to create a Digital Art NFT:

  1. Create your artwork: First, you will need to create your artwork. This can be done using any digital art software of your choice.
  2. Convert your artwork to an image file: Once you have created it, you will need to convert it to an image file to upload to the blockchain.
  3. Upload your artwork to the blockchain: Once you have converted your artwork to an image file, you can upload it to the blockchain. This will create a token that represents your artwork.
  4. Set a price: Once your artwork has been uploaded to the blockchain, you will need to set a price for it. This will be the amount that people need to pay to purchase your artwork.
  5. Promote your artwork: Finally, you will need to promote your artwork. This can be done by sharing it on social media or other marketing channels.


As you have read, there are many benefits to creating your own NFTs and getting into the market. Creating your own NFTs will open many prospects for yourself, so why are you waiting to get started?

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