Roles and Duties of a Fire Watch

Roles and Duties of a Fire Watch

Company owners carry various responsibilities. They don’t just manage the operations and stocks; they also need to pay attention to other stuff like safety and preventive measures. They don’t just buy some equipment but also hire trained staff to do the job, especially in the fire prevention area. Fire is a big disaster; it can burn down into ashes the whole building in a few minutes.

The role of fire watch in an establishment especially in hot work areas is very crucial. They have big duties and responsibilities to do. Some authorities require a fire watch in the workplace before releasing a permit to operate the business of a certain company. They also require the company to have fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, or hydrants. The fire watch must be trained carefully and properly before getting the job. Some companies handle fire watch staff so you can easily find one that is well-trained and knowledgeable. They have specific tasks that they need to perform during their duties.

Here are some roles of a fire watch in fire prevention:

  • Constant surveillance – It’s part of their duties to inspect every part of the workplace and check the wirings, machines, and other stuff if it is safe from causing a fire. They must also constantly check if there is oil leakage or spilled flammable liquids and chemicals which can easily catch fire. They must be observant and vigilant at all times. They must not leave the workplace without a substitute.
  • Monitor – they monitor the operations of the employees to be alert in case there is a fire. They monitor the entire station before the operations begin. They also guide the people in case there is a fire in the area. They have the manage power to stop the operations if they suspect any fire hazard in the workstations. They also check everything before they leave the worksite. They keep the records of everyday inspections to ensure that they are doing their important responsibilities as fire watch. One of the duties of a fire watch is to report immediately if there are damaged fire alarms or fire equipment so that it will be replaced immediately.
  • Leader and informant – when a fire happened, their role is not to fight the fire by themselves, instead, they inform the fire department firsthand so that the fire team can arrive immediately and prevent further damage. They do some simple preventive methods such as operating fire preventive tools like fire extinguishers, hydrants, or sprinklers. They are trained on how to operate all of it to reduce the spread of fire. They guide the fire team and give them relevant information such as the possible cause of fire, location, strength, and if some people are trapped in a certain area. They also give information about the floorplan of the building for the fire team to have ideas on where to enter or exit.

The responsibilities of the fire watch are heavy and significant especially in an establishment so they must be respected at all times. They are risking their lives every single day. They are also handling the lives of their colleagues which can put a lot of pressure on them but they still keep their jobs well done. Some companies handle fire watch staff that they train carefully so companies can hire them easily.

Every job is difficult so we must learn to respect every single worker and be kind to each other. Don’t depend on some people, learn to protect yourself by participating in fire safety drills or engaging in fire preventive seminars. You should also install fire prevention tools in your house to keep your family safe.

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