Revolutionizing Outdoor Traffic Lighting with Done Power’s LED Drivers at Bunnings Tunnels

Done Power, a leading LED driver manufacturer, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in outdoor LED lighting. With advanced LED driver solutions like the MAP series, MXG series, and more, Done Power’s products not only provide reliable power supply for outdoor lighting but also serve as emergency LED drivers when the need arises. Equipped with innovative protection technologies and built with sturdy materials, Done Power’s LED drivers are ready to meet the demands of real-life outdoor traffic applications. Let’s explore the powerful LED driver solutions in action at Bunnings Tunnels.

Unmatched Reliability in Outdoor Traffic Lighting

Done Power’s LED drivers have proven their reliability in outdoor traffic lighting installations, particularly at Bunnings Tunnels. These tunnels demand robust and dependable lighting solutions, and Done Power’s LED drivers deliver exactly that. With their advanced designs and cutting-edge technologies, these drivers ensure a consistent and stable power supply, even in challenging weather conditions and high-traffic environments.

Emergency LED Drivers for Unforeseen Situations

In addition to their primary role as outdoor lighting power supply, Done Power’s LED drivers also offer emergency capabilities when needed. With innovative protection technologies, such as Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), and more, these drivers can swiftly switch to emergency mode, providing reliable lighting during unexpected situations like power outages or emergencies. This feature enhances safety and ensures uninterrupted traffic flow within Bunnings Tunnels.


Done Power’s LED drivers have revolutionized outdoor traffic lighting, particularly in Bunnings Tunnels. With their unmatched reliability, these LED drivers provide a consistent and stable power supply for outdoor lighting in demanding environments. Furthermore, their emergency capabilities make them invaluable assets during unforeseen situations, guaranteeing uninterrupted lighting and maintaining safety. Done Power continues to lead the industry with its innovative LED driver solutions, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of outdoor traffic lighting systems. When it comes to outdoor LED lighting and emergency power supply, Done Power’s LED drivers are the trusted choice for Bunnings Tunnels and beyond.


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