PMP® Certification in Toronto

PMP® Certification in Toronto

Project Management Professional (PMP)® course is known to be the most desired certification course which enhances your management skills. You are taught the underlying working knowledge and learn skills for becoming proficient in Project management. Moreover, it empowers you with the ability and competence that is required to excel in the project management tasks. The professionals and experts give the advantage of tools and techniques associated with the training, provided to the Project Management professionals.

It helps the learners acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of the PMP standards and help them to achieve great success in their first examination for certification. The techniques they provide help every attendee for good delivery skills with the clients.

PMP Certification Course Training is training where they connect you with the Project Management professionals. The certification is universally recognized. The salary of these professionals is higher when compared to the regular employees. It gives a standard for your career.

There are three processes that have to be taken in order to get the certification in Toronto.

  1. Foundation of project management
  2. Leading Projects in the organization
  3. Project implementation and control.

As for the course, It depends on how many years or months-course, you want to take. If you want to go in-depth, you can choose an in-depth study in universities. A course can take a three-year course which will cost you around 769$. You can otherwise go for 35 hours of Project Management training which can cost you around C$375 to C$2500.

The PMP Certification in Toronto is a highly recognized course in Canada, and even all across the world. There is a lot of demand for Project Management professionals. There are many companies that are training their employees for the PMP. Since the demand is high, so is the price. The certification is valid for three years after which you need to qualify by meeting a few criteria for renewing the certification or else it’ll be kept in suspension.

It is best suited for Project Managers, Team leaders, Project Engineers, or other professions which have the criteria for becoming a project manager. You need to have any background business courses and experience for 2 to 3 years as per the criteria in order to enter into Management Professionals.


All the above information will only lead you to the realization that PMP has become a career enhancer for many individuals. It can considerably add value to your Professional life and help you reach the higher positions in the organizations. You get the much-desired recognition and large lump sum of salary for your expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How recognized is PMP® Certification in Toronto?

PMP is globally recognized. It is also famous in Toronto. There are many job opportunities for Project Management in Canada. There are already thousands of candidates entering A PMP® certification course for a better career.

Q2. What are the criteria for getting into PMP in Canada?

A four-year bachelor’s degree or any course is needed. Three years of experience in project management with at least seven months of experience in leading and managing projects and a 35-hour course in project management.

Q3. Can I get PMP courses at Universities?

Yes. There are courses that give PMP courses. For example, the University of Toronto gives you a 3-year degree course in Project Management. There are various other universities too which offer you this course.

Q4. What is the passing score of PMP?

According to the sources, the passing percentage of the PMP trainees is 61%. There are ups and downs in the score every year. It depends on how much you are willing to pass the exam and how much you’ve practiced for it.

Q5. Is choosing PMP a wise choice?

Yes, a project management certification course is always a good choice. The salary is high and you will get so much experience in the different kinds of work you do. This job is very much in demand.

Q6. Is PMP the same as a degree?

Yes, the PMP Course can be the same as a degree certificate. It is a globally recognized certification that enhances your practical knowledge and hones your skills. It can act as your degree certificate which will hold the same value.

Q7. What if I don’t have any experience but want to go for PMP?

There is no chance for you to get into PMP without any experience. An approximate experience of 3 to 6 years is needed and a test certificate. The given education qualification is also needed in order to go for PMP. It is not a common certification course that you can easily go without any practice or experience.

Q8. Should I go for PMP when I have an MBA degree?

Yes, that is a great choice to take PMP after an MBA degree. These two courses are considered to be the best combination if you want to go for a business career. You already will be studying Project Management for an MBA and you’ll get extra knowledge by taking a PMP certification course. It fills your knowledge gap by learning more things about Project Management that you’d never heard about or known about. It will act as a double degree to the course which can benefit you.

Q9. Do we fail the PMP certification exam?

According to the statistics, around 40 to 50% of students fail PMP exams. There are few who take two or more attempts in order to clear their PMO certification exam. You need a lot of practice and dedication in order to pass. The rate of failure can increase and also decrease.

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Q10. Does adding this certification under LinkedIn and CV help?

Yes. You can add your certification under LinkedIn and in your CV. The recruiters will mostly choose people having more experience than a Degree. The more certification and experience you have the more chances of getting hired. Since PMP® certification adds more value to your CV, you may get hired easily.

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