Only 5 On-Page SEO Hacks Will Work In 2022

Only 5 On-Page SEO Hacks Will Work In 2022

Search Engine Optimization trends are changing at lightning speed, and keeping up with them at that pace is not an easy task. However, properly following these tendencies will highly likely guarantee you a bunch of incredible benefits and results. Key advantages of efficient SEO management include better ranks in local searches, a boost in credibility, and improved website usability and user engagement rates. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost anything if you handle it on your own. 

To get all the assets mentioned above, you shall stick to the following 5 on-page SEO hacks that will definitely work in 2022. 

Images and Visual Content

Thanks to the development of technology, visual elements have taken almost a leading role in modern approaches to world perception. Therefore, carefully selected content-matching images and videos will be a strong part of your SEO-boosting strategy. Improved Google Lens search tools will easily target web pages that have unique galleries at their disposal. Moreover, visuals are essential not only for written web resources, enriching them with proper associations but for video creators as well. In this case, the key tool is not a simple image but a smartly constructed and easily readable thumbnail that summarizes the principal points of your video. What you have to do is to use free graphic design templates, which will help you deliver the main ideas of your bigger visual product in one image. 

Probably, the number one trend in 2022 is to focus on user needs and behavior. Here is where search intent comes to the fore, also known as query intent, the fundamental idea of which lies in predicting and understanding your potential user search intentions. It is believed that traditional SEO approaches are fading away, so content creators shall do their best to interpret and analyze search intent intelligently, especially after the introduction of Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) upgrade. Emphasizing keywords, understanding the connection between them, and realizing how to target them to meet the search intentions of users are considered to be among the most crucial tasks for modern SEO experts. 

Content Quality

Keeping up with the user-centered approach, we have to remember that the content we produce is the final destination of all searches. So, it must be of the highest quality. Marketers should do research on the general interests of their current and potential audiences to be able to concentrate on the topics and areas that are unique and clearly distinguish them from competitors. Information provided should be not only factual, exclusive, and useful but also properly ordered, clear, and easy to work with. You have to keep in mind the importance of structuring your content to cover all the features mentioned above. This includes dividing information into several segments, each dedicated to a certain sub-topic, serving material in adequate portions, highlighting the essentials, etc. This way, you are not only helping your users but also allowing Google to analyze your content and forward more visitors to your website. Again, thinking about your clients, make their experience on your website efficient and pleasant so that they would like to come back.  

Mobile Experience

We all may deny it, but it will remain a fact nonetheless – nowadays, people prefer mobile devices to desktops when performing their searches and daily queries. This fact is the main reason for our next hack – mobile optimization. Make sure that your website is not just available on mobile devices but features the same, if not better, functionality and user-friendly design. Limiting yourself to a computer-only version equals losing dozens of potential customers.      


Undoubtedly, this hack is time and energy-consuming. Nevertheless, it will ensure a powerful competitive edge for you on the market. Demonstrating the local relevance of your content will guarantee your presence in niche search results, which consequently provide you with new customers and boost the expansion of your business. Reviews published on such services as Google My Business and other independent resources as well as rankings will be of great help for your development in this direction. Remember that higher localization and specification (not only on the country but also city level) means more rankings, and more opinions translate into a more frequent appearance in search results. 


Clearly, Google is doing its best to push its search engines into generating highly localized and precised results. Especially now when Microsoft Bing and Yandex are actively using the IndexNow tool, Google is likely to join them or introduce something alike. Summing up all the said above, we can confidently say that focusing on clients’ needs at all possible levels is a must for content creators from all around the world. The tendency wants us to look at a more detailed and local picture while understanding not only current but also potential demands of your audience.   

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