More intelligent defibrillators are offered by Mindray.

Because of its comprehensive understanding of the technology and application of AEDs, Mindray is a professional and market-leading AED company. Compared to conventional external defibrillators, AEDs emphasize the word “automated,” offering a more sophisticated purchase for public rescue AED purchase.

What is the main technology used by the AED?

The primary technology depends on a very precise signal recognition capability to automatically detect abnormal cardiac beats. The last function of the defibrillator is to discharge an electric current to end the disruption of the heart’s electrophysiological rhythm and allow the body to return to sinus rhythm. Consideration must be given to the amplitude, frequency, energy, and phase of the hypothetical “current.”

The items from Mindray are better in these areas.

Current Mindray

Mindray‘s products are in the forefront in terms of overall device integration, power consumption control, device standby life, continuous operation time, and myocardial harm. The enjoyment and safety of the product are Mindray’s top priorities.

Furthermore, during patient treatment, Mindray’s AED successfully fixes problems with “accidental shutdown,” “difficulty in stripping disposable defibrillation electrodes,” “inability to automatically cut off the power,” “inability to start the device,” “the device cannot start voice prompts,” and other issues.


The high-quality AED from Mindray fully enables the product to achieve a helpful, high-quality collection by addressing the market’s emergency and difficulty-related pain points. For more information on Mindray’s premium AED, visit their official website.

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