Marketing tips in 2022

Marketing tips in 2022

Today we will talk about the two important digital marketing trends. If You want to learn more, then make a coffee and keep reading.

Continuous digital transformation

It’s how companies adapt their business models, products, and internal structures to new digital-driven consumer trends. In marketing, the digital transformation meant that companies shifted their marketing mix to more digital channels, moving from print advertising to social media, for example. Continuous digital transformation in marketing for 2022 and the next few years refers to how companies take advantage of new technologies to optimize their marketing efforts and improve the customer experience.

The continuous digital transformation in marketing implies more optimization and campaigns based on data analysis which generates higher conversions, lower advertising investment and higher ROI, something that is not possible with traditional advertising. According to research, 86% of companies say that customer acquisition costs (CAC) have increased in the last two years. To help reduce CAC, brands must focus on improving the user experience and keeping more customers.

Amazon’s Alexa is a prime example of customer-focused digital transformation. Let’s say you want to order your favorite variety of coffee. It is no longer necessary to connect to the Internet and search for it, you simply tell Alexa “order my favorite coffee” and Amazon, through voice search powered by artificial intelligence, will take care of the rest. This is known as “headless commerce” and is a great example of how brands are leveraging technology to improve user experience and retain customers. Continuous digital transformation doesn’t have to be as sophisticated as Alexa. In smaller companies and startups, marketers have a wide range of tools at their disposal to continue the digital transformation across their brands. Google Analytics, A/B Testing, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are all examples of digital transformation in marketing.

New trends in social networks

Video content and Social Selling are the hottest new features on popular social media platforms for 2022 and beyond. With the rise of TikTok, video and live streaming have become more popular than ever. In fact, Instagram launched Reels in 2020, which many social media experts see as an attempt to counter TikTok’s dominance in the video space. In the music space Spotify and SoundCloud are getting bigger every month. If you want to promote your tracks on Spotify, then it’s not that hard. For a more legit look in the eyes of the ‘potential fans’, you should buy Spotify plays for your track. The more plays the track has, people believe that it’s a good one. Upload always on time and stay very consistent with the new tracks.

In the case of video, studies show that audiovisual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than non-audiovisual publications. Video is the most clickable type of advertising, receiving higher engagement than text and image-only ads. 80% of consumers prefer to watch videos rather than read content when considering shopping. With statistics like these, it is clear that consumers are engaging more with videos and therefore marketers can use this to their advantage when planning campaigns. Some social media experts even claim that videos can increase conversions by as much as 30%. In Social Selling, market research shows that 87% of consumers believe that social media helps them make decisions when buying. Typically, consumers would search for products via social media, looking at reviews and content, before purchasing from a business website. With the new shopping feature on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, consumers can buy products directly from there. This makes the customer journey easier and simpler, which in turn increases conversions.

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