Jaaxy Enterprise Review – The World’s Most Amazing Keyword Tool!

Jaaxy Enterprise Review – The World’s Most Amazing Keyword Tool!

Read My Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Tool Review To Find Out Why Users Vote It As The Most Powerful Research Platform In The World, Ever!

If your intention is to drive a surge of visitors to your website from the search engines and build a highly successful business on the internet, then it’s essential to have access to an ultra-powerful keyword research tool that’s speedy, reliable, and produces the real results needed for your content!

From my own experiences with keyword tools in the past, they turned out to be too expensive and far too s l o w at gathering the data, that it was actually quicker to paint a wall and watch it dry!

Unfortunately, even today, there are bigger problems with keyword tools…

Nearly All Keyword Tools Are Ineffective

So why is this?

Because they produce “garbage” data and metrics that make no sense whatsoever to you at all!

In fact, here are 5 things you must AVOID when it comes to keyword tools:

  • Any tool that needs to be installed on your computer
  • Something that gives you PPC guestimates
  • Anything that uses Alexa when determining the competition
  • A tool that performs several searches just for 1 task
  • Something that doesn’t pull data from ALL the search engines

However, there is one tool that does work and cuts out all the trash above…

Welcome To “Jaaxy Enterprise”

The “web-based” Jaaxy Enterprise keyword research platform is the most advanced tool you will ever use, and it’s so advanced that there’s not one single keyword tool on the market that can compete with Jaaxy’s capabilities!

If you are to successfully find the right targeted keywords, you must focus on the 3 key metrics:

  • The competition of the keyword
  • The amount of traffic the keyword generates
  • Whether the keyword makes sense

Jaaxy Enterprise will locate “low competition” and “good traffic” keywords as well as “free-flowing” ones to insert into your content.

Keyword Research With Jaaxy Enterprise Is So Quick, Easy & Simple

The biggest fear and problem that many website owners face today is thinking that the competition within their niches is just too high and they don’t stand a chance of success online, so some sadly quit their online businesses for this reason.

But what people don’t really understand is, it’s not that the competition is too high, it’s because they lack the knowledge when it comes to researching keywords properly.

You may be a little surprised to hear this, but in reality, there are in fact “0 competition” niches and millions of “low competition” keywords, you can make money online from. It’s simply a case of finding the right keyword tool for the job!

To prove this to you, I have used Jaaxy Enterprise to locate a whole bunch of awesome keywords that are low in competition, drive good amounts of traffic, and I can easily use them to get high search engine rankings with my blog posts.

Here’s an example of 10 keywords the tool found.

Neil’s Random Niche Choice – Keyword: Fancy Dress Costumes

What Do The 5 Metrics Above, Indicate?

AVG is the average number of searches that the keyword generates each month. You should aim for at least 100 searches per month when building your content around that specific keyword to at least get a little traffic.

TRAFFIC is the number of monthly visits, the keyword will produce.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) represents the number of competing search engine pages for that phrase. Aim for under 300, but as close to 0 as you possibly can because it will increase the likelihood of a page 1 ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) means if there’s a Green dot next to the keyword, then you have the all-clear to use it. An Amber dot is OK to use, but a Red dot means stay the heck away from that keyword because you will struggle to rank for it. Think of KQI as your own personal traffic light system!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is based on the amount of traffic and the competition combined for the keyword. Choose an SEO score to as close as 100 for increased chances of a 1st-page ranking.

Does Jaaxy Enterprise Dig Up Domains Too?

If you’re in the business of buying and selling domain names for a nice profit or even after a great domain for your new website, Jaaxy Enterprise has it covered for you, my friend!

The Jaaxy tool even stretches too quickly finding you (.com, .net, and .org) “Exact Match Domains” to save you from the trouble of spending time doing it yourself.

Here’s an example of the available (.com, .net, and .org) domain names, the tool found from my “Fancy Dress Costumes” keyword search:

To me, this could be very profitable because the big daddy search engine (Google) still ranks “EMD’s” very high, so you could easily buy and sell the domain names on or use them to build your own websites.

More Jaaxy Tool Plan Prices Are Available

Locating “low hanging fruit” keywords and “Exact Domain Names” is just the tip of the iceberg because Jaaxy Enterprise has many “shiny bells and whistles” that will do so much more for you.

You also have access to extra bonus features such as Site Rank, Video Training, Alphabet Soup Technique, Saved Keyword Lists, Search History, Search Analysis, Affiliate Program Finder, Brainstorming and more.

However, there is also Free and Pro Jaaxy tool membership options available to you, but they do come with fewer benefits than Enterprise:

Jaaxy Starter Membership – 30 FREE Searches

Jaaxy Pro – $19/month or $199/year

Jaaxy Enterprise – $49/month or $499/year (Save $89 Per Year)

Simply put, if you want real online success with your business, I highly recommend you take full advantage of Jaaxy Enterprise, just like I have done and many more up-and-coming internet Entrepreneurs.

If you have any questions or feedback you want to leave on Jaaxy or keyword research, please post your comments down below.


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