Interstate Moving Checklist

Interstate Moving Checklist

Moving from state-to-state in Australia can be easy. However, if you don’t remain organized and managed with your stuff and plans, you could end up doing more work than you would. Becoming organized for an interstate move can be made easy with a checklist.

If you’re planning to move soon, then you should refer to this guide that can help you make your trip run more smoothly.

  1. Packing Materials

Packing your goods properly is a must to keep it safe. In most cases, the movers you hire are going to come with their own set of packing materials such as boxes, tapes, etc. If not, you’re going to have to provide these items yourself.

Make sure to pack your items nice and tightly. Put all fragile items in one box and label them as such so that the movers take extra good care of them. Of course, you should label all of your items to make it easier to unpack each one once you reach your destination.

2. Create Your Inventory Of Items

This is the most important step that you need to take to secure your belongings for the move. Ideally, you’d want to make sure that everything you have is accounted for.

If you want to stay organized, one way to make your inventory is by listing down the items per room. The list should go like….

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • ’s Bedroom
  • Etc.

By creating your own inventory of items, you can greatly avoid losing some of the items in transit. You can ask each family member to make an inventory of the items inside their rooms to make the process easier. This is also the preferred way of doing it since they know their room and their stuff better.

Alternatively, you can create an inventory of items as you move your items from your house to the moving truck. As per Cairns Coast Removals, this is a good way to do things because you can refer to the checklist again once you’re moving stuff from the moving truck and into your new home.

When doing this method, make sure to follow the “first in, last out” method. This means that the items you put in the truck first are the last ones out, and the last ones you put in are the first ones out. This puts less hassle and works on the end of the movers you hire.

3. Cancel Or Update Services

If you’re moving interstate, that means you might need to handle the services you are subscribed to in your current home. These include utilities such as electricity, internet, and many other things.

You need to manage these services a few days before your move. Ideally, you’d want your accounts transferred to your new home even before you arrive. This ensures that everything is set and ready to go at your new home once you finally make the move there.

4. Coordinate With The Movers

This is an integral part of the process. You’re going to want to stay coordinated with the movers you hire. Iron down the plan with them to avoid any confusion on both ends of the deal. Man with a Van Bristol is a great service which coordinates with you throughout the process. You should also tell them ahead of time if there are large items or furniture that needs to be dismantled a few days before the move.

This will allow the movers to prepare accordingly.

In cases where furniture needs to be disassembled, the movers are going to have to bring the right tools for the job. If there are heavy items, then they might bring more manpower into the fray as well.

Coordinating with the movers you hire is important so that you get a rundown of the final cost of the move as well. You might have to prepare for extra fees for the move so it’s best to stay updated with the final pricing.

Some movers charge extra for emergency services, furniture disassembly, and even for extra manpower. You need to prepare accordingly for these as well.

5. Make The Move Early

If you’re just about to schedule your move, make sure to do so as early as possible. The last thing you want is to reach your new home late at night. This won’t give you time to move and organize your house.

By planning the move in the morning, you’ll have more time to organize all of your belongings inside your new home. Additionally, the extra time will also be great if there are any emergencies that happen along the way.

An interstate move doesn’t have to be hard and complicated. The key here is preparation. If you want to be prepared, then the checklist above will be more than enough to get you started. If you want to make the trip even easier, then you should probably consider calling on the pros for help with your move.

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