In an exciting new initiative, Clarity is now providing a complimentary Green Health Check for all new clients!

In an exciting new initiative, Clarity is now providing a complimentary Green Health Check for all new clients!

Teaming up with renowned travel sustainability consultancy, Greengage, Clarity has developed an interactive questionnaire, the primary focus of which is to assess the sustainability of a client’s travel strategy and policies.

“The Green Health Check represents a compelling collaboration with our sustainability partners, Greengage,” says Ewan Kassir, Clarity’s Head of Global Sales.

He further adds, “As a company, our aim is to achieve net zero by 2030. But, we wanted to go beyond and provide our clients with the means to make their travel strategies more sustainable and supply them with the necessary knowledge to make more informed decisions. This begins with a thorough review of their travel policies and programmes.”

The questionnaire’s responses contribute to a comprehensive report that Clarity provides, highlighting recommended changes for the future and immediate action steps.

To put it simply, the Green Health Check examines a client’s commitment to sustainability in their travel plans.

“The Green Health Check serves as an efficient method to evaluate the current status of a client’s travel programme and identify potential improvements,” adds Ewan.

He explains, “A report is produced, and in collaboration with a Clarity account manager, the suggestions are carried out. If the client wishes to investigate their own net zero strategy, Greengage can provide further support, extending beyond travel, as they have done with us. This initiative is particularly exciting for us due to the extra value it is going to bring to our clients’ travel and sustainability strategies.”

Contact one of their Business Development Managers today to learn how they can assist in making your travel programme more sustainable.


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