How You Can Reduce Leased Line Cost in 2022

 How You Can Reduce Leased Line Cost in 2022?

A dedicated internet connection is becoming essential for businesses to complete their day-to-day tasks in the best possible way. It helps you to connect with clients and customers and provide better customer service. One most popular dedicated internet connections is fibre leased line connection. Over time it is becoming popular, and now we can see that even small businesses are using such connections. However, when it comes to getting a dedicated internet connection, business owners are highly concerned with the cost. It is relatively more expensive than the traditional broadband connection. 

However, in recent years costs of dedicated internet lines have fallen significantly. It is because of the increase in the number of leased line providers, and due to the increase in competition, providers are offering competitive pricing to attract more customers. The cost depends on several factors such as the location of your workplace, your bandwidth and speed requirement and distance from the internet service provider. There are different ways to reduce the cost of leased lines. Read on to find these ways and save some of your money. 

Choose Independent Carrier Supplier

Always try to get dedicated internet service from a provider that has a circuit near your business premises. It helps in reducing the cost required to dig and install fibre optic cables from the internet service provider to your workplace. However, some providers only use a single carrier. Therefore, if you are looking to reduce leased line costs, you should not select a provider that is beholden to a single carrier. Nevertheless, it is a great way to minimise dedicated internet connection costs. 

Get Into A Longer Contract

If you sign a short term contract such as for one year, you may end up paying higher costs. Always keep in mind that the installation of business leased lines requires heavy financial allocation. When you sign a contract for three or five years, you can spread your cost over several years. In addition, your service provider may also offer discounts when you are ready to sign a longer contract. On the other hand, when you sign a one year contract, your provider has to spread larger amounts this year, resulting in high monthly charges and installation costs. Signing a one year contract is only the right solution for those who are planning to shift to another network shortly. 

Consider Converged Communication

With the help of dedicated internet lines, it is possible to make phone calls more conveniently over the internet using a particular technology known as SIP Trunking. This way, you can reduce the cost of ISDN circuits and use this money to pay dedicated internet line charges. Other than cost reduction, you can get many more benefits with converged communication. For example, SIP trunking has more capacity than ISDN that only carries 30 calls per circuit.   

Buy Internet Access In The Cloud

If your company has various locations linked to fibre leased lines, you can reduce costs by purchasing internet access in the cloud and then you can share it among different sites. Moreover, pooling bandwidth in the cloud also lowers your bandwidth requirements. Internet access is always less expensive when purchasing in bulk instead of buying 2Mbs from here and there.

We hope that the above tips can help you in reducing the cost of your business leased line connection. Although this connection is a bit more expensive than the conventional connectivity solutions, you can realize it is worth spending money on it when you look at its benefits. It helps you to improve your business productivity, offer the best customer experience and eventually increase revenue.     

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