How to Prevent Lawn Burn from the Summer Heat

How to Prevent Lawn Burn from the Summer Heat

The sweltering summer heat can scorch your carefully nurtured green lawn. In addition to the ugliness of brown and dry grass, it can also pose safety risks for your home and family. But if you act fast, you can save your yard from the heat’s devastating effects.

The best way to prevent lawn burn from the summer heat is through regular fertilization, mowing damage repair, and watering. However, it’s important to have a plan for these treatments before the hottest time of the year arrives.

Fertilization: Typically the Lawn treatment service offered by most lawn care companies, this involves a technician spreading granular fertilizer across your yard to promote healthy growth. This service is especially useful during the summer, when lawns need extra nutrients to weather the summer heat. If you’re concerned about the effects of chemical fertilizers on your lawn, ask your company to use organic products.

Weed control: Another popular service, this involves a technician spraying weed killer across your yard to eliminate any unwanted plants. This service is often used in conjunction with other lawn treatment services, such as aeration and grub prevention, to ensure that no weeds have the chance to thrive.

Aeration: The process of loosening the soil in your yard with a machine that pokes holes into the ground is important for allowing your lawn to absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently. This service is usually done in the spring, before the summer heat sets in, to allow the lawn to thrive throughout the hotter months.

Watering: The most obvious way to combat the damage of the scorching summer sun is to water your lawn regularly. It’s best to water on chilly mornings to avoid the risk of evaporation, and to ensure that the water reaches deep into the roots of your grass. This will help your lawn survive the summer heat and recover from any damage caused by excessive nitrogen.

If your lawn is severely damaged by the summer heat, you may need to reseed it. This can be a lengthy and challenging project, but it’s the only way to get your lawn back to its normal glory. If the damage is severe enough, re-sodding may be necessary to completely replace your damaged grass.

The best way to prepare your yard for the summer heat is by ensuring that all of these services are on your schedule. That means calling your lawn care company right now, or even in the fall, to ensure that you’re on their schedule and they have all of the services needed to keep your lawn green all summer long. The last thing you want is to be left with a yard full of ugly, barren patches of scorched grass when your neighbors are hosting barefoot barbecues in their yards!

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