How to Lose Weight: 7 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

How to Lose Weight: 7 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Weight loss is not something unachievable. When you get the right food and live a good lifestyle, It comes effortlessly. Sticking to a diet plan, being strict on your body, and killing your desire to eat anything is harsh. What if you can do the stuff expeditiously? It is pretty feasible. All you need to do is to get your food right. Have you ever thought of working on your metabolism first before you even start weight-loss diets? If not, you need to fix your metabolism first. Metabolism is responsible for most of the activities happening inside the body. If your metabolism is slow, your body won’t see any weight loss effort’s effect. 

Why Is Boosting Metabolism Important For Weight Loss?

The body burns down calories that are converted into energy. It uses all the calorie-converted energy to perform different activities. Your body’s metabolism determines the number of calories you burn in a day. If your metabolism is slow, your rate of burning calories will be lesser. Thus, your weight loss will be slower than those whose metabolism is good. A person with low metabolism needs to take fewer calories and work out more to maintain weight. Depriving oneself of getting enough food calories can push your body to use lean muscles, leading to muscle mass loss. Lower muscle mass is linked with a slow metabolism which slows down the process of burning calories.

Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

A healthy diet that focuses on healthy food can help you in weight loss and metabolism. Try these superfoods to leverage your metabolism if you want to get both right. Steroids for sale UK


Avocado consists of healthy monounsaturated fats that are good for weight loss and heart health. The polyunsaturated fats and fibers in avocados satisfy your hunger and make you feel satiated. The anti-inflammatory property of this fruit also boosts the body’s metabolism. The fruit is a pool of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and healthy fats. A portion size of Avocado is enough for you to feel full. As the fruit is calorie-rich, eating more than required can increase the calories.


Chili’s boost metabolism because of the presence of a chemical called capsaicin. The chemical signals the hormone that increases the heart rate leading to an upsurge in the burning of calories. Spicy foods make you feel full and stop you from overeating. As your body starts burning calories faster, it also speeds up your weight loss process. Research has shown that chilies can help you burn extra 50 calories in a day with consumption of fewer than 10 mg per day.

Cold Water

Coldwater definitely helps in boosting metabolism. Dehydration can slow down your metabolism, causing weight gain, decreasing the body’s fat-burning process. Writes on Healthcanal tell that when your core body temperature rises, there is a boost in the metabolism rate; thus, you burn fat faster. Drinking cold water requires extra calories to heat up the cold water to the body’s temperature. The process of thermogenesis can further help you break extra calories, thereby increasing metabolism. 


High in proteins and amino acids, beans keep your hunger glutted for long. Muscle mass helps in weight loss, and if you have lower muscle mass, your weight loss will be much slower. Proteins keep up the muscle mass, and the muscle mass helps burn calories. Even when your body is resting or sleeping, your muscle mass will burn the calories 24×7. Muscle mass is also linked with metabolism; if your muscle mass is good, you will have great metabolism levels. 


Eggs are high protein, low-calorie foods enriched with healthy fats and vitamin B. They keep you from hunger and keep you distant from high carbs foods for longer. Due to their low calorie and high protein content, eggs are better at boosting metabolism.

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Tempeh is a rich probiotic source that is good for gut health and metabolism. It has healthy fat that is good for your general health. Probiotics help lose weight; it has an indirect impact on metabolism rather than a direct one. It can help you hit weight loss goals and maintain your shape.

Tea And Coffee

Tea and coffee work great in giving your metabolism a boost. The caffeine in coffee and catechins in tea are the main reasons to increase your metabolism. The compounds in tea and coffee helps burn fat and use it as energy. Not every tea has the same effect on the body. If you want to increase your metabolism and weight loss, try Oolong teas. Tea and coffee don’t work for everyone; it depends on age and body type.

The Bottom Line

If achieving a perfect body is what you wish for, you need to cut off a lot of extra weight. You may start planning diet and workout sessions but may not see the desired results. After all the effort, if you don’t see results, it’s all about metabolism. Low metabolism is something that makes weight loss difficult. Improving metabolism first and then shifting to a weight loss plan will help you get great results. Your daily breakfast-to-meal foods can help boost your metabolism. Supplements are also a great way to give your metabolism a dynamic boost. The expert’s opinion on supplements explained on says that supplements trigger weight loss naturally by targeting the low core body temperature. So using supplements can give your metabolism arise naturally. 

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