How to form your own paintball team

I have been filled up with the question about how many people you feel is needed to form a core group for your new team. The answer to this is all dependent upon on what type of team you are looking to form. There really is no set group needed to form a team, so donâ??t feel you need x-amount of people; otherwise, you can not start a team. Trust me when I say that should not be the case at all. I have seen some really good teams that were comprised of only two players. All teams have to start somewhere, need it to be 2 friends from school or a group of people from work. What is crucial is that you all get along and share the same mindset, the numbers will come.

I have been pondering for months with the question of how many people is needed to form a core group of a paintball team. However, after that, I realized the answer depends on what type of paintball team you are really looking for. First thing to consider as I know, don’t form a specific number for your team, it will narrow down your option. Let your instinct tells you and you will know how many is enough when it comes. Due to my own experience, there are many chance that a team of two surpluses a team of dozen. Moreover, your team member must have at least one same favourite to share, they may be your friends in school, colleagues or just a group of homies in your neighborhood. This is to assure your team have a unified mindset.

There are something to consider when you forming your team. Firstly, you have to prepare yourself and your teammates a clear plan and make sure they follow it. My advice: make a checklist. They might consist of setting bylaws, some general commands, personnel duties and so on. Make your team members feel like they both have the responsibilities and the rights when staying in the team and never get depressed when the result gone down.

Secondly, find some solutions for drama, we are people and we are not the same. Everyone makes faults everyday and they show disturbance in many ways and the most regular way is blaming each other. Well, that’s the track every team must hit and don’t be afraid, let go your ego and listen more, that’s the way we find the true value of a team and the sport.

Thirdly, back to the command chain. This is the most important thing to make your team from a bunch of amateurs to a squad of veterans. In the early stage, keep the formation with one captain only, there may be a co-captain in case the original one cannot be in charge. Many people may confuse that why there is only one captain. The answer is that any issues from team members should be taken and solved by one people, more just make the problem longer and harder to be eliminated. More captains could create the division between teammates.

Another thing to put in mind is the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. Believe me, this will decrease the number of big problems your team could encounter. There are many teams which cannot balance the number of officers and privates and the situation becomes “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”. To deal with it, please be nice with new members, don’t let the old members be the bulliers.

After the chain of command is set, please sort out the duties for every member. Everyone need a purpose to be on your team, don’t let them down. The tasks may vary from setting regular training courses, contacting with other teams and field owners or managing the team’s website. The captain cannot take them all, but you should also not doing anything. One thing to remember, spot members’ talents and give the tasks that you think they could do the best. For example, if you have an IT guy in the team, order him to make a website for the team with the support from others. If anyone is accountant or just good at math, they should in charge of team’s budget and event preparation.

That’s everything I know about forming a team and be a good captain. If you want to know more about best paintball markers for beginner, please take a look at our website, we sure do have the answer for you.

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