How to Find High-Quality Christian Live Acts

How to Find High-Quality Christian Live Acts

One of the biggest pieces of putting together an event is booking live entertainment that will keep your attendees engaged, and comfortable, and provide a night they’ll never forget.

When putting together an event that revolves around a Christian audience, this may feel like a hard task as you want to find entertainers who work in a niche category of the industry, like Christian rappers, bands, or comedians.

Have no fear, as they’re certainly out there! It might take a bit of leg work on the event organizers’ part, but there are quality entertainment acts available for hire no matter your crowd or venue.

Hit the web.

The first thing anyone does nowadays when looking for information is turn to the internet.

Do a search for Christian acts locally or regionally to see who comes up. You might find personal websites or agencies that promote and book Christian acts that you can reach out.

Get social.

The next thing to do while you’re searching on the web is to check out social media. Most entertainers these days have dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages.

This gives you a look into their personality and the types of gigs they do. You may find video clips that showcase their talent, and you can also direct message them to have an instant line of communication.

Ask around.

Odds are, you know other Christian organizations that have held events recently. Ask who they hired for entertainment and how they came about finding them.

These people will also be able to speak to their first-hand experience with an act and can be the source of a glowing review, ensuring you are booking someone of good quality.

Go to local events.

Check local listings to see what events are happening in your town and who is going to be there to perform. If an entertainer catches your eye, attend the event so you can see what they’re like first-hand.

You may even be able to introduce yourself to them and exchange contact information so when it comes time to book entertainment you have an easy way of getting in touch.

Do your research.

As with any purchase you make, you want to thoroughly research the entertainment you’re looking to hire to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Make sure who they are and the messaging they bring through their act is clear. If it feels unclear, reach out to ask.

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s a community where people can freely express thoughts. This means there are bound to be honest reviews about the entertainment you’re looking to book.

If there aren’t any public reviews available, ask the talent if they can give you a prior client or two to talk to so you can hear about the first-hand experience working with them.

It may seem like a heavier extra task, but doing thorough research on a potential entertainment act can save you a big headache in the long run.

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