How To Build Your Social Media Perfectly

How To Build Your Social Media Perfectly

Having a perfectly built social media handle equates to having a great social media presence either for yourself or your brand. However, to build the perfect social media, there are certain things you must be aware of and do. In today’s guide, I’ll be teaching you how to build your social media perfectly. 

How to build your social media perfectly

Don’t rush into creating, plan first

Before rushing to build your social media account on any social media platform, the first thing to do is surprisingly not to create an account. Rather, the first thing to do is ask yourself why you want to be on that social media platform or why you want your brand on that social media platform. Simply rushing to join the crowd on social without any plan regarding why you are there will result in little or no online presence. If it’s a personal account it’ll be okay, especially when you don’t want to become a celebrity online but if you have a brand then rushing and creating one without plans will be bad for business.

Once you can answer the question of why you want to be on the social media platform, the next thing is to set goals or targets and having a clear idea of the type of content you’ll be posting is a good way to start.

If you want to improve your social media growth on any platform, avoid starting with creating three or more accounts on different social media platforms. The reason for this is to avoid quickly getting overwhelmed with the type of content to post and when to publish those content on all those platforms. Instead, pick a platform or two and focus on deciphering how you can grow that platform.

Selecting the platform 

After thinking about why you want to open a social media handle, what you intend to benefit from it, the goals, and tactics you’ll follow to achieve them, the next thing is deciding the right platform for you or your brand.

Selecting the right platform for you shouldn’t be done on a whim, rather there are three things you need to consider that’ll help you make the right choice. 

The things you should do are: 

  • Determine where your audience are hanging out.
  • The platform you frequently use.
  • The platform that supports the kind of content you like posting.

As an example, let’s say you are marketing a photography business, in that case, the best platform would be Pinterest whereas Twitter wouldn’t be as effective. 

Fully update your social media account

Now you have decided on the social media platform you’ll be using for yourself or your brand, the next thing is to create an account with that social media platform. While creating the account, make sure that all your information is complete and accurate. The reason for that is to help direct or guide the flow of traffic.

If you already have an account on your chosen social media platform, you can update your information if there’s any incorrect information or any information section you left blank and remove any questionable content you may have posted in the past that doesn’t have a positive effect on your brand or the image you have chosen to portray in order to achieve your set goals.

Determine your area of expertise 

Everyone or every brand is great at something. For people, it could be knowing how to create funny videos, create beautiful music covers, etc., and for brands, it could be selling a particular product or offering a particular service.

Once you have identified what you are good at or what you’ll be selling, experiment a little. You can do that by posting different content around your niche and checking the content your followers responded the most to. Once you can identify the content, you can either replicate it with but this time with other similar content or you can repurpose something or some content to make it re-engaging. The more engaging and unique content you create and post, the more followers you’ll generate. 


There’s no straightforward method to follow in building the perfect social media for yourself or your brand because different people have different goals they want to achieve for themselves or their brands using their social media accounts.

Hence, following the steps outlined above will help guide you in creating a social media account that suits your personality or brand.

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