How Does The Whipped Cream Spray Work
A mother and her young son and young daughter in the kitchen, they are baking together, the children are squirting whipped cream into their mouths from the can.

How Does The Whipped Cream Spray Work?

If you love to use your whipped cream canister and charger to make amazing creations in the kitchen, plus you are the kind of person who likes to know the mechanics behind the thing you use in your daily life, here we will tell you all you need to know about this query. Probably you have been decorating a delicious cake and wondered, how is this little can able to contain so much product into it? Different from those whipped creams which are made by hand and whisker or with the aid of a mixer device, you cannot see the volume of the product until it has come up from the container. Although this may seem rare, there is a logical explanation and if you keep on reading, you will find it out in no time.

Whipped cream spray vs other presentations

For decades, people used to create whipped cream with just some whisker tools and an energetic arm, being able to get an acceptable consistency in about five minutes. Then, as time passed and the introduction of more kitchen appliances took place, it was possible to save a couple of minutes and effort needed by using a mixer machine. However, both of these methods have the inconvenience of both temperature and time, because in order to whip the cream it was necessary to have the cream, as well as the bowl and whiskers at a cold temperature. Then if the room was not too warm, you could keep the fluffy texture for a couple of hours at a maximum. 

Now, thanks to the spray presentation of the delicious whipped cream cans, it is possible to save time, effort and have better, long-lasting results. This product was first introduced as a disposable can, but a new world of culinary options opened up as soon as whipped cream spray could be bought separately from the canister, enabling people to make a whole enhanced menu at their kitchen, from dressings to drinks and of course the soft classic whipped cream, even adding a touch of flavor.

The mechanics of a spray whipped cream

As you may know by now, the cream contained in a canister is not already whipped. What you have in a container is pressurised gas (nitrous oxide) and you whipping cream in a liquid state. Nitrous oxide works perfectly for this purpose because it is fat-soluble and it can actually mix adequately with the cream, forming very tiny bubbles within the cream. So, since the gas is pressurised inside the cartridge, it keeps the whipping cream at room temperature. Then, when you press down the trigger or lever, a valve opens giving space for the liquid and the gas to flow outside. 

When the valve is opened, the nitrous oxide boils out of the cream (due to a difference in pressures, from inside the cartridge to a regular pressure on the outside), and as a result the cream gets whipped. And this is how you end up with a fluffy, heavenly whipped cream.

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