HostPoco: Best WordPress Hosting 2022 With 20x Faster Speed

HostPoco is a leading and trusted web hosting service provider known for providing high-resource hosting plans for lower rates. Hostpoco hosting plans can certainly be on the priority list if you are looking for budget-oriented fast-speed WordPress Hosting. Its rates as Best WordPress Hosting 2022.

Speaking about Hostpoco, the company has firmly established itself in the web hosting industry. The company’s entire approach is centered around offering its clients a practical, perfect, and cheap hosting opportunity. They provide a wide range of web hosting plans, services, and hosting options. Most hosting plans by them are superior to others and have 30 days money-back guarantee.

HostPoco is one of the most successful hosting companies in the world and trusted too. They began in 2015 and have overcome difficult times to become one of the most reputable and demanding hosting companies in the market. They presently provide hosting facilities in the USA, UK, France, and Germany. They have over 20+ thousand clients and are adding new sign-ups daily. They are dealing with Free hosting too.

Alright, so this was just the precap about HostPoco. Further, I will make you believe why you should go with Hostpoco’s hosting plans.

Let’s Begin!

Discussing the best wordpress hosting 2022, writing about web hosting providers has to be a mandated task.

Web hosting

HostPoco offers a wide range of web hosting plans, including shared hosting, reseller, and WordPress hosting. All the web hosting types come with dynamic and high resource features.

Web hosting is the process of making space for your website on the server. The server can either be a standalone physical server, virtual, or a cloud-based server. And, HostPoco facilitates in all types according to website or client requirements.

HostPoco is one of the few web hosts providing Linux and Windows-based hosting plans.

The shared and WordPress hosting plans are the best sellers as they include various features at the most affordable and discounted cost. The shared and WordPress hosting plans, also known as web hosting plans, are the most delivered.

HostPoco WordPress hosting plans include four plans Startup WP SSD, Pro WP SSD, Premium WP SSD, and Elite WP SSD. Each wordpress hosting plan has the best features and functionalities, and every successor hosting plan has added features and offers.

Let us take a closer look at the WordPress Shared Hosting plans.

The base plan – Startup WP SSD

Startup WP SSD is the basic plan with multiple resources at a lower, cheaper cost. The Startup WP SSD plan costs just $1.20/Month for long-term hosting. Comparing the price and the features to other hosts in the market, HostPoco provides the best hosting features at a cheap cost.

Discussing the resources of the base plan, the Startup WP SSD plan allows you to host a single website with quality features. With the basic plan, you can create unlimited email accounts and use the Webmail interface with Horde and Roundcube options. Also, you can configure an email account with any mail client.

You can benefit from using unlimited bandwidth and unlimited subdomains even with the basic plan.

The other resources offered in the Startup WP SSD plan are the free SSL certificate, website builder, control panel, 1-click installer, WordPress-optimized servers, and 4 MySQL databases.

Ultimately, you are getting the best maximum resources for hosting one website in the Startup WP SSD plan at an affordable cost.

Comparing this plan with the other providers’ basic plans, Hostpoco certainly provides you with add-on resources like creating unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, free migration, and many more.

According to my survey and plan reviews, a word about Startup WP SSD plan is the best-suited plan. The Startup WP SSD plan is the best for beginners and provides value for your money, so beginners should try.

You can also try Hostpoco’s other plans named Pro WP SSD, Premium WP SSD, and Elite WP SSD if you wish to get max domain hosting with some extraordinary features.

Automated backup with the WordPress plans

WordPress hosting plans provide an automated backup functionality, a significant plus. Manually backing up consumes time and is a monotonous and exhausting job for clients. We also offer easy-to-manage and handle backup options under hosting Cpanel. Backup is vital because the worst may come at any point in the middle, and you’ll need to restore a backup to save your valuable data of the website.


What is on HostPoco’s priority list?

HostPoco certainly believes in the quote, “Quality is characteristic of a service that helps somebody and which has a market” – W. Edwards Deming.

By providing High resources and hosting features, the company is also committed to providing the most reliable customer service.

24/7/365 customer service:

HostPoco is best known for its excellent customer support and 24/7/365 service. The expert team is available round the clock to fix clients’ queries.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee:

The most crucial factor to examine when deciding whether or not a host is worth your time is site uptime.

With the Tire-3 and Tire-4 DC’s, the company provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee making your website run 24/7 without any hassle.

30-days money-back guarantee:

The best thing you can get from your hosting provider is the money-back guarantee they offer. HostPoco provides you with a 30-days money-back guarantee in case of any difficulty.


Choosing HostPoco for hosting your WordPress website will always put you in a win-win situation. Hostpoco is an excellent choice for both new and experienced website owners, and they provide faster speeds and skilled customer service. However, while its general performance is fantastic, you may surely notice performance falls on high-resource sites, as mentioned.


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