Earthmoving Tires: Techking’s PROADT Leading the Way

In the realm of earthmoving tyres, Techking‘s PROADT takes center stage. These tires aren’t just rubber and tread; they’re a testament to Techking’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The Pinnacle of Performance

Techking’s PROADT, a part of their earth mover tires lineup, has redefined what operators can expect from their heavy machinery. These tires are built for the toughest terrains and the most demanding job sites.

Longer Service Life

One standout feature of the PROADT is its remarkable longevity. Its big block design ensures a substantial contact area from top to bottom, even as the tire wears down. This means more hours of operation before replacements are needed. The arc groove design is another genius addition, preventing groove cracks and ensuring consistent performance throughout the tire’s life.

Better Protection for Sidewalls

Earthmoving environments can be brutal on tires, especially the sidewalls. Techking addresses this challenge head-on with an anti-crack sidewall compound. This innovative addition not only enhances the tire’s resistance to aging but also significantly reduces sidewall cracks, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Performance Guarantee

Techking stands firmly behind the performance of their PROADT earthmoving tires. These are not just products; they’re a guarantee of reliability and durability. Whether it’s tackling rocky terrains or dealing with heavy loads, the PROADT delivers.


In the world of earthmoving tires, Techking’s PROADT emerges as a game-changer. With its extended service life, superior sidewall protection, and Techking’s performance guarantee, it’s no wonder that mining and construction companies worldwide trust the earth mover tires to get the job done.


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