Diagnostic Catheter by APT Medical: An Overview of Its Uses and Benefits

Diagnostic catheters are an essential device in interventional procedures, to navigate cardiac anatomy and diagnose critical cardiovascular information. APT Medical is one company at the forefront of developing high-quality diagnostic catheters. In this article, we will take a closer look at the diagnostic catheter offered by APT Medical and its benefits.

APT Medical Diagnostic Catheter

APT Medical Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter is designed for Coronary and Peripheral Angiography with excellent torqueability, lubricous performance and braided design for large inner lumen and high flow rate, multiple curve shapes for various procedures and anatomical structure, to fit your daily practice.

Benefits of Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter

  1. Superior Torque Control and Kink Resistance

The Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter features a metal mesh braided structure, providing exceptional torque control and kink resistance. The large lumen design further allows for a higher flow rate, facilitating efficient contrast media injection.

  1. Durable and Lubricious Performance

With its hydrophilic coating, the Angiopointer™ offers a durable and lubricious surface, resulting in smooth advancement and reduced vessel trauma. This advanced coating technology enhances maneuverability and facilitates easier super-selective angiography, allowing for targeted visualization of specific vessels. If the catheter is used in the coronary artery: the distal 10 cm and proximal 20 cm are not hydrophilic coated, while the midsection of the catheter shaft is fully hydrophilic coated. If used peripherally: hydrophilic coating is only present on the distal 10 cm, while the remaining proximal length is uncoated.

  1. Soft and Atraumatic Tip

The catheter is equipped with a round and soft tip, which minimizes irritation on the vessel wall during insertion and manipulation. This atraumatic tip design not only enhances patient comfort but also ensures good visualization under fluoroscopy, enabling medical professionals to accurately guide the catheter to the desired location.

  1. Gradual Increase in Shaft Softness

The Angiopointer™ is designed with a gradually increasing softness in the shaft, maximizing flexibility and compliance within the vessel. This feature allows for excellent pushability and steerability, enabling smooth navigation through complex anatomical structures.


In conclusion, the Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter by APT Medical is a very high-performance and cost-effective product. Its metal mesh braided structure ensures superior torque control and kink resistance, while the hydrophilic coating provides durable and lubricious performance. The soft and atraumatic tip enhances patient comfort and fluoroscopic visualization. With gradual softness in the shaft, the catheter maximizes flexibility and pushability. Overall, the Angiopointer™ Catheter empowers medical professionals to navigate complex vessels with precision, reduce trauma, and achieve optimal procedural outcomes. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation shines through in this advanced catheter, elevating the standard of care in interventional cardiology.


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