DAYA: Revolutionizing the Sanitary Industry with Wholesale Shower Pans

DAYA is leading the way of manufacturing wholesale shower pans in the field of sanitary. They have been supplying high-quality products for over two decades that have passed many international quality tests and achieved quality certifications. In the sanitary industry, DAYA has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted brands for high-end bathroom products.

Advantages of Partnering with DAYA

If you are a trader, a retailer, or the third party who purchase wholesale shower pans, partnering with the original equipment manufacturer DAYA can deliver several benefits to you. The experience and expertise of DAYA in this field have allowed them to meet different needs of clients and provide them with high-quality and reliable products.

Competitive price: As an original equipment manufacturer, DAYA is dedicated to sell wholesale shower pans at competitive prices to ensure their partners can save money and maintain long-term cooperation with them.

Customized service: At DAYA, they understand the importance of customization when it comes to wholesale shower pans, so they can design and manufacture the products in accordance with customers’ different requirements., offering a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors.

Quality guarantee: DAYA’s products have passed many international tests and gained ISO certifications. They always comply with industry standards in the process of manufacturing shower pans. Before packaging, the QC department would check whether the products were deformed or not.


With years of experience, DAYA have established itself as a reliable brand in the market, which is known for the commitment to price, quality and innovation, becoming a popular choice among customers worldwide. Additionally, DAYA can develop and manufacture products in accordance with the different requirements of customers. Therefore, partnering with DAYA will offer you various advantages.


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