Crypto markets are bleeding with more than $300 Million liquidated on exchanges

The largest crypto exchange in the U.S. mentioned it bled users, reflecting constant destruction in the market and investors’ agitation regarding risky assets. Investors think that the financial markets are at some turning point. Thus they have retreated from a few of the most unpredictable investments. The stock market saw a fall from extreme highs as the rollback was started by the Federal Reserve toward its easy money procedures. It raised rates of interest and unwinded the asset portfolio. The interest rates were raised by the central bank by half of one percentage point. It was the biggest hike in the last two decades and it caused a rout of a several-day. While on the other side of the world, the question has been raised about how bitcoin affected the chemical industry of Romania.

Cryptocurrency markets are bleeding red after the end of the 3-day rally

  • The markets of crypto crashed after it showed a huge hike earlier.
  • The worldwide market cap saw a fall of 4.93 % and is at $1.83 trillion.
  • Bitcoin witnessed a fall of 5.44 % and after a strong 25% rally last few months, the rise of Bitcoin stopped as the crypto marker saw f profit booking.
  • Ethereum token too fell by 7.23 %.
  • The USDT stable coin dropped by 0.01 %, unlike the USDC one that rose by 0.06 %.
  • Both the token are pegged to the U.S. dollar.
  • A drop of 3.65 % was seen in the BNB token.
  • XRP token too fell by 3.94 %.
  • Among the top crypto-tokens, Terra LUNA showcased the least downfall excluding stable coins.
  • Terra LUNA fell by 0.43 %.
  • The SOL, ADA, and AVAX tokens dropped by 6.70 % 5.26 %, and 5.36 % respectively.
  • The slump also hit the meme coins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.
  • They fell by 4.69 % and 4.67 % respectively.
  • The cryptocurrency asset donations to Ukraine also crossed $55 million.
  • Star Wars Cat, was the biggest gainer that rose by 4423.12 %.
  • ASIX token rose by 496.30 %
  • Robot Shib by more than 300 % second time continuously.
  • More than 90 % fall was seen by tokens such as the Rhino and The Boring token.
  • The drop of Bitcoin to $35000 increased the fears of many investors and traders in the crypto market.
  • This is because many market participants left this space for a better time.
  • This negative sentiment got fuelled by huge liquidation volume.
  • It now sits at nearly $300 million.
  • Regardless of the low volume of trading, a lot of the market still lost nearly $300 million in liquidation when it tried to get hold of the local bottom that hardly ends up good.
  • Some market tracking websites make it clear that 82 % of every volume of liquidation falls on long orders.
  • The volume of liquidation includes positions placed for the long term.
  • Yet short-term orders will mostly represent most of the value of liquidation.
  • This is because the tendency of buying the dip was actively encouraged in this crypto space.

Many long orders are moving up

  • As per the data from Bitfinex and Trading view exchange, traders are seen to actively place long orders for this digital currency Bitcoin as this asset remains under huge selling pressure over the past months.
  • The total order number on this exchange reached 51,205.
  • It is the biggest tracked number on this crypto market from last July.
  • Then Bitcoin traded at $33,200.
  • Many long orders on any exchange will mainly act as some indicator of any incoming reversal for a digital asset.
  • So Bitcoin’s reducing price and the increasing number of long orders showed one upcoming retrace.
  • In the case of short orders, no eye-catching tendencies exist in the order numbers placed on the crypto exchange.
  • It shows that the total length must be reflecting all traders’ present sentiment and hint at one prospective reversal in the coming days.


The outlook of many investors for 2022 is largely unchanged despite the highly volatile first quarter. Some crypto stocks that saw huge drops are Riot Blockchain Inc. which slipped 66%, Tera Wulf In. which fell 80%, Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. which moved down 64 %, and SilvergateCapita; Corp fell 42 %. This sharp fall in crypto is never completely unexpected. Many people in the industry of crypto have asserted that this time will be different as of Wall Streets’ expansion of the cryptocurrency market along with its wider adoption. Many Bitcoin bulls were praising its value as a hedge against inflation. It remains to be viewed.

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