CHINT NH2 Switch Disconnector: Reliable Isolation Solution for Electrical Systems

The CHINT NH2 Switch Disconnector is a reliable and versatile switch designed to comply with the isolating function requirements. It is specifically designed to match DZ series MCBs/RCBOs, ensuring seamless integration into electrical systems. For detailed information regarding compatibility and certifications, please refer to the Certificates Table on the last page. In this article, we will explore the key features of the CHINT NH2 Switch Disconnector, emphasizing its reliability and compatibility with CHINT DZ series MCBs/RCBOs.

Seamless Integration with DZ Series MCBs/RCBOs

The NH2 Switch Disconnector from CHINT is designed to match DZ series MCBs/RCBOs. This compatibility ensures a seamless integration process, allowing for efficient and effective operation. By combining the NH2 Switch Disconnector with CHINT DZ series MCBs/RCBOs, users can create a comprehensive and reliable electrical system that meets their specific requirements.

Certified Performance and Compatibility

CHINT Switch Disconnector has undergone extensive testing and certifications to ensure its performance and compatibility. For detailed information on certifications and compatibility with specific models, please refer to the Certificates Table on the last page. The certifications provide assurance of the product’s quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.


The CHINT NH2 Switch Disconnector is a reliable solution for isolating electrical systems. With its compliance with isolating function requirements and seamless integration with CHINT DZ series MCBs/RCBOs, the NH2 Switch Disconnector offers a comprehensive solution for electrical system management. The certified performance and compatibility further enhance its reliability and suitability for various applications.

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