Celebrating Nature’s Alchemy and Fragrance

Celebrating Nature’s Alchemy and Fragrance


While the plant is growing, an enormous amount of electrical or vital energy is absorbed into the different parts of the plant. It is first generated by the sun, diffused through the atmosphere, the water, and the earth; and the plants select what they need to build acids, alkalines, phosphates, carbonates, chlorides, glycerides, oils, fats, waxes, and so forth.

In this profoundly wonderful vegetable kingdom that covers the earth with beauty, perfume, and flavor, there is every conceivable requirement for every living creature, even to the breath of life. Plants arrange themselves into families, choose their own habitation and select their own food.

Through the long study of the chemistry of soil and plants, we are able to predict what we shall find store away in the leaves, roots, barks, and fruits of particular plants for the purpose of supplying our own bodies with the specific material and specific energy we require.

There are many ways to make contact with nature. Anyone who has spent time communing with it will understand and feel its unseen gifts and potential as much as the more visible ones. The rocks, the earth, the many greens of foliage, and the rainbow colors of the blossoms and fruits speak for themselves.

A flower, when you stare into it, can heal by its color and form alone, while its vibration and essence are something else. Nature can respond like a true friend or lover, as events have shown time and again. The Findhorn Project in northern Scotland continues to provide a wonderful experience and revelation of the power of love and tuning into nature, showing that plants are intelligent, responsive, and emotional, lacking only, perhaps, the power of movement in an otherwise full spectrum of humanlike abilities.

On stony soil under windy conditions, unbelievable plants, fruits, and vegetables have been produced at Findhorn, proving that really relating to nature can produce some surprising results— such as double-size fruits and vegetables with no pests.

This vibrational attunement with nature could produce even more wonderful benefits for world food production. Indeed, we are all going to need to reassess our methods as time goes by. Perhaps we need to recall times when our relationship with growing things was founded on more simple gratitude and celebration

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