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Tennis is a sport that has existed for a long time and has now become one of the most influential sports globally. With dramatic confrontations between players, viewers created the matches tennis betting for more competition.

Tennis betting – modern sports betting

Tennis is a competitive and extremely attractive sport that appeared in 1859 and is considered a sport for the middle and upper classes. This is a fighting sport between 2 players (singles) or 4 players (doubles).

To this day, tennis has become an international sport, becoming a category in Olympics such as the Olympics, Grand Slam, and Open tournaments in many countries, just for tennis. Tennis viewers number in the millions in each country, showing the strong attraction of tennis.

To make it more interesting, people who went to watch tennis bet with each other. Whoever wins will receive the bet. Gradually, the form of tennis betting expanded and there were betting organizations. At the same time, according to the development of 4.0, tennis betting has appeared at online bookmakers.

Types of tennis betting odds

Similar types Sports betting In addition, tennis betting is also divided into many different bets so players can choose according to their level and capital. Below are some popular types of tennis bets:

Money line

An open bet means the betting participant will judge and bet on the final result of the match. If the player you bet on wins in the end, it means you have also won that bet.

Handicap bet (FT. HDP)

In tennis, handicap bets are called Spread bets. For this bet, the stronger player will handicap the opponent by one set. In the Handicap set is a set handicap bet, quite similar to a soccer bet.

Over or Under bet (FT. O/U)

Over/under betting is like playing over/under. You will bet on tennis based on the total match of both tennis players. For the first set winner, the total game will be set 1, the next set matches will open next while the match takes place.

For example, assuming O/U is 19.5, the match result is as follows:

  • Result of 2 games: 5-4,3-7 total score will be 5+4+3+7 = 19. If you bet on the under then you bet.
  • The result of 2 games: 4-6, 5-5, the total score will be 4+6+5+5 = 20. If you bet on Over, you win the tennis bet.

Odd/even bets

Odd/even betting means you will judge and bet on whether the total number of wins and losses in that match is even or odd. When you bet even and the total number of games is even, you win, otherwise you lose and lose your bet.

Bet on the winner of the first game

This bet is quite simple, betting participants only need to predict which player will win the first game. This tennis bet is still valid even if the player quits the match after the first game has ended.

In case the first game is not completed, all bets will be void.

Double result (double result)

Double result bets will be based on the results of the first set and the entire match. Some options in the double set are as follows:

  • A wins the first set and A wins the whole match.
  • B wins the first set and B wins the whole match.
  • A wins the first set and B wins the whole match.
  • B wins the first set and A wins the whole match.

Understand the rules of online tennis betting at bookmakers

The most common rule for all forms of betting is that all transactions are considered valid when the match has ended. If the referee decides to restart the tennis match, the previous bet result is considered invalid, and the new result is based on it.

Rule No. 1: If a tennis player cannot participate in a match or tournament due to any force majeure reason, bets on this player will be immediately canceled. The bet will be returned to the betting participant.

Rule No. 2: If a player or teammate (in a doubles match) withdraws or is disqualified during the match, bets on the current set will be void. All bets will be returned to the bettor.

Rule No. 3: If the competition location is changed, bets will also be void.

Rule 4: If the match time is changed (more or less time) to determine a winner or loser, bets placed on that match will be canceled. If a match is postponed or suspended then bets will still stand at the end of the match.

Rule #5: Players can only place tennis bets before or during the match. Any bets placed after the match will be void.

Rule 6: The result of the entire match will be calculated as follows:

  • For women’s tennis matches and tournaments: the player who wins 2 sets will win the entire match.
  • For men’s tennis matches and tournaments: the player who wins 3 sets will win the entire match.

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Some tips for playing tennis betting online

Sports betting Everyone must apply some immutable tips, and tennis betting is no exception. The following Nhà Cái Hi88 will suggest you right here.

You should not borrow money as capital to bet

Betting capital is quite important. Without money, how can you bet? However, you should use your own money, not borrow. Because you cannot know whether you will bet or not, whether you will win a lot or a little.

If you encounter a bad situation, do not involve anyone, any relatives, family, or friends, into your game. If you lend at high interest, you have to say “no”. Play games safely, don’t use betting games as your main purpose of making money.

When betting, you should manage your capital well by dividing your betting money into small portions, placing reasonable bets, setting goals so that you stop playing at the right time and place,…

Make careful judgments, do not rely 100% on emotions

People often consider betting games as games of luck. That’s true, but you can increase your chances of winning by applying judgment skills.

You can rely on the most recent matches of the player you intend to bet on to see their current performance. Carefully evaluate the strength, endurance, speed, and tennis skills of the two players and place a reasonable bet. Luck is just a secondary factor for betting games.

Bet at a reputable bookmaker

One thing that is always repeated, especially for new players tennis betting that is the choice reputable bookmaker, reliable. At these bookmakers, all of your information, deposit and withdrawal transactions will be kept strictly confidential. Withdraw and deposit money quickly and safely.

Some bookmakers defrauding players of their money are still active on the Internet with many promotions but they are just sophisticated traps. Once you deposit money, don’t dream that you will get your money back. Not receiving the bet but also losing all capital.

Currently, Bookmaker Hi88 is considered a reputable bookmaker website that many people participate in. With games played Sports betting Attractive with extremely attractive rewards. is also a useful blog with information about bookmakers, typical betting games, which are trends in the betting gaming world. Follow Hi88 to update good news and play healthy and safe betting games.


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