Best Living Room Rug Placement for Your Home

A rug can make your living room more comfortable and cozy if your home does not have proper wall carpeting. In a room with suitable carpeting done, adding a rug with the right choice of color, texture, and pattern can enhance the décor.

It is surprising to note that furnishing a room with the right size of rug charms up a space in its way. Right or wrong sizing options can dampen a space. In a huge room, a small rug will be unfit, and vice versa. In addition, area rugs are a substantial financial investment and returning them if bought online can be exorbitant and time-consuming.

Here, we have arranged for you some tips on how you can seal the deal when you purchase the true fit living room rugs.

  1. Measure your living area- Certainly, in a room, there cannot be a rug which is too small or a rug which is too big. Measuring the area with its dimensions is crucial before you start picking out your favorite living room rugs. Apart from measuring there are many key points to keep in mind while you purchase. The rug should be a few inches far from the wall, least it makes for an appearance of wall ascents. It should be spacious and wider than any couch placed. It is better to leave a generous amount of space between the furniture which can include, a sofa, side table, accent chairs. It is important so that all of the furnishings blend well and each of them adds to the ambiance of the room.
  2. Layering rugs- Rugs can be of grave expenditure, depending on the style, technique, and material. Online stores, websites are some of the ways where rugs can be found at a moderate price. Solid-colored rugs, sisal, or hemp rugs can be paired effectively with leather rugs for a perfect finishing touch to a space. Placing smaller rugs in the epicenter of large rugs compliments the décor.
  • Positioning the rug- While you wish to set a living room rug that adapts well, it is important to take note that it should be well-positioned as per the furnishing of the room. For cost-effective arrangements, the furniture should be made to adjust all together so that the rug stands out in a room. When you have a large living area, ensure that there is maximum space along the edges of all the furnishing and the rug.
  1. Centering the rug- It’s a myth that all the rugs should be placed in the center so that it becomes a focal point. Some of them necessarily do not blend well and appear to be an extra piece in the room. With an equal distance from the items of the room, a rug placed in the corner with some accessories definitely can accentuate a room.

To sum up, you don’t have to be an expert to place a rug in a living room. Designing a space is more of art and creativity, it doesn’t have to follow rules. Finally, while opting for living room rugs, you must consider your space, style, and budget so that your room gives you the comfort you wish to embrace in your space.

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