Are HEPA Filters Effective in Handling The Smell from Smoke

Are HEPA Filters Effective in Handling The Smell from Smoke?

You can’t survive without air. The air you breathe in, though, could also be doing some harm to your overall health. It is a concern more people continue to acknowledge and take measures to improve air quality. Indoor air quality is crucial, as most people spend more time confined in walls, at home, or in offices, among other settings. Indoor air is easily compromised by pollutants from dust, pet hair, pesticides, smoke, mold, and asbestos, to mention a few.

If you can smell it, it means the air quality has taken a significant blow. The pollutants are highly concentrated, posing serious health threats. The smell is common in spaces where you smoke, cook, apply pesticides, and have upholstered furniture, to mention a few considerations. The smell can take a toll on you, especially if it goes beyond uncomfortable and starts to cause concerns like nausea, headaches, and breathlessness. So, how can you eliminate the bad smell of smoke from your indoor settings?

Air purifiers are an excellent addition. They are a go-to for individuals with a weakened immune system, living with older adults and/or children. Nonetheless, you don’t have to wait for illness to get the better of you to invest in White Umbrella air purifiers. Air purifiers can help you prevent problems like respiratory diseases that could force your hand to consider a way to improve indoor air quality. While shopping around, a significant question on many consumers’ minds is; can HEPA air purifiers eliminate the smell of smoke?

Understanding the filters

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are designed to capture and eliminate a range of pollutants, allowing you to breathe easier and enjoy quality air. The filters can handle the smell of smoke, but they are not all made equal. All HEPA filters can capture the tiniest pollutants. This is since the filter must meet the minimum HEPA standards to qualify. They must trap pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, hence the common label on most products: they filter over 99.97% of pollutants.

As you shop, you need to establish your needs to ensure you pick the air purifier that can meet your expectations. For instance, if you ignore the size, the air purifier might struggle to eliminate the smoke and smell. In such a case, you might think the HEPA filter is incapable of purifying your air, while it only wasn’t the right size for the job. Besides the size, other features to help you choose the best air filter to get rid of the smell of smoke include:

The filters

Standard air purifiers typically feature a HEPA filter. This means they can eliminate particles of all sizes but not smoke and smell. To ensure the air purifier can handle smoke and smell, pick one equipped with HEPA and carbon filters. The activated carbon filters can trap gasses in smoke. They trap volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) using a bed of activated carbon, also referred to as activated charcoal, through a process known as adsorption. Activated carbon filters alone can’t eliminate pollutants such as dust, pollen, and mold, hence the need for both filters.

CADR rating

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) shows how fast the air purifier cleans the air. The higher the rating, the better the results. Since the particles aren’t equal, the ratings usually feature ratings for the different pollutants. Smoke is the least particle compared to elements like dust and pollen. As you shop around, you should ensure it has a high CADR rating for smaller particles, ensuring it can efficiently eliminate smoke smell.

The right air purifier can help you eliminate smoke smell, making your space more comfortable and safer. They can help you keep airborne diseases at bay, avoid concerns such as asthma symptoms flare-ups, and help you enjoy quality sleep.

As you shop around, consider more than the price tag. With innovative Cold Plasma technology, you can find an energy-efficient air purifier that can meet your needs without breaking the bank. You may have to pay a higher price. Still, with maintenance ease, low energy consumption, and operational efficiency, you will save more, improving indoor air quality. Smoke and smell, especially indoors, can be uncomfortable and pose serious health threats, which you can eliminate or minimize by investing in quality air purifiers.

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