A Brief Introduction To Mass Flow Sensor

A Brief Introduction To Mass Flow Sensor

A mass flow sensor is a device that can measure the rate of flow of a liquid or gas. It does this by measuring how much time it takes for the volume of a material to pass through the sensor, which then calculates the flow rate in mL/s by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken.

What is a Mass Flow Sensor?

A mass flow sensor is a device used to measure the rate of flow of a fluid (such as air, water, or oil) through a pipe, channel, or another conduit. The sensor typically consists of two metal plates that are hinged along one edge and can open and close to create a small orifice through which the fluid flows. When the sensor is activated, it sends an electronic signal that can be read by a computer or other device.

Mass flow sensors are often used in industrial installations to monitor the flow of liquids, gases, and powders. They are also used in automobile emissions testing and quality control applications. In general, mass flow sensors are reliable and accurate instruments that can be useful in many different applications.

How Can They Be Used?

Taking Saftty’s AFM3020 mass flow sensor as an example, let’s show the use of this sensor. This sensor measures the flow of air, oxygen, and other non-aggressive gases with superb accuracy. The special design inside the air duct results in very low-pressure loss of the fluid passing through the sensor, making its performance suitable for a variety of demanding application scenarios, such as medical ventilation and respiratory applications.

At Saftty, they develop various types of sensors, have professional R&D laboratories and equipment, and support a variety of simulated environmental experimental conditions to create high-quality product production and inspection processes. Their products can also be widely used in medical automation, burner control, spectroscopy, environmental monitoring, and laboratories.


Saftty mass flow sensor as a high-precision, high-efficiency flow measurement instrument, is widely used in medical, chemical, and other fields.

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