9 Best Weed Strains with Citrus Flavor Profile

9 Best Weed Strains with Citrus Flavor Profile

The best-selling factor of a weed strain is the flavor profile. Some strains have a pungent and skunky smell and taste and there are a few others that sport a citrusy and sweet taste and flavor. Irrespective of your likings, you can’t deny the fact that the citrus flavored weed strains are hands down one of the best that you can get yourself into. They are ideal for recreational use and have a very mild high that allows you to enjoy the strain that you smoke.

This article will share the list of the best citrus-flavored strains that you can buy from the online weed store in Canada and the rest of the world.

  • Lemon Tree

Just like the name suggests, Lemon Tree has a prevalent flavor profile of the citrusy lemons with a sweet taste when you smoke it. The underlying skunk flavor profile hits you hard and leaves a lingering full-body high that lets you enjoy the strain. The lucid euphoria from this strain is pretty amazing to feel. The moderate THC levels in the strain make it suitable for daytime smoking and also have a range of therapeutic benefits, especially when it comes to managing pain and inflammation in the body.

  • Clementine

The next option on the list worth considering is Clementine. This is quite an underrated strain and is a blend between Tangie and Lemon Skunk. The sweet and sharp smell and taste of the tangerine linger on in the room and is quite a refreshing smell to smoke. The strain has psychoactivity benefits and can uplift your mood and revitalize your senses. The underlying skunk flavor isn’t that predominant, which makes it perfect for beginners to try out. It improves your energy pretty well too.

  • Golden Lemons

Also often known as Lucky Lemons, Golden lemons are another popular weed strain that you can consider if you are looking for citrus-flavors. The strain has a savoriness of the lemon zest paired with the sharp citrus flavor of the lemon juice when you smoke it. The high THC levels will induce a full-body high, which means that you do need to focus on being safe when you smoke this strain. It is also perfect for indulging better motivation and focus during your work. The THC level is at 25% with this strain.

  • Lemon Skunk

The lemon skunk, despite its name, has a flavor profile that mimics the taste of the sweet and citrusy lemon candy. The underlying cheesy and skunk flavors are very subtle, making it easier for you to smoke the strain without feeling too overwhelmed. As for its impacts, the strain instantly improves energy and uplifts mood and revitalizes your entire body. Besides that, the strain has promising benefits in dealing with anxiety and stress and is ideal for calming down the smoker when they are feeling fidgety or jittery at the moment.

  • Double Banana Tangie

Another underrated weed strain that not many smokers know about is the double banana tangie. It has a blend between the taste of creamy banana candy and the sharp and refreshing citrus taste of the tangerine that you will most definitely enjoy smoking up. The first hit of sweetness, followed by the citrusy flavors of the strain makes it perfect for smokers who don’t enjoy sharp and pungent flavor profiles. It is ideal for recreational use, especially as a conversation starter with friends.

  • Orange Tree

Don’t get deterred by the name. The reason why this strain is called so is that it makes you feel like you are walking through an orchard of orange when you smoke this strain. The strain has a balance of sweet and savory taste and smells that majority of the beginner smokers appreciate and enjoy. As for its impacts, it induces a feeling of euphoria, paired with a dull buzz that you will enjoy smoking without any complications. Also, it helps combat stress, fatigue and anxiety.

  • Rainbow Sherbet

The strain is just how it’s named. It is sweet, citrusy and has a blend of flavor that somehow all go together despite its complexities. The strain has very high THC levels, which means that you need to be safe while smoking this up. Make sure you do it indoors and around people that you know and trust. It does induce a full-body high, which again is a benefit. Besides the recreational buzz, the strain is also perfect for inducing creativity and feeling a pleasant buzz in the head throughout the day. It relieves stress and anxiety gravely.

  • Banjo

Although quite an underrated strain, Banjo is one of those options that you wouldn’t regret indulging in. The strain has a blend of unique flavor and taste, which many beginners don’t like. The taste and the flavor profile can come off a bit strong for first-time smokers, so you need to tread this with caution. The strain has stimulating properties that induce a lingering buzz in your mind and leaves you with a comfortable high throughout the day.

  • Tangie

Last on the list of the best citrus weed strains that is worth considering is Tangie. It is a Sativa-dominant strain and has a diverse range of flavor and tastes. The prominent citrus flavor shines through and induces a full-body high, which means that you won’t feel uncomfortable smoking this strain at all. The strain induces an energetic buzz in the body of the smoker as well. The strain leaves a gradual buzz in the body even after a few hours of smoking it, which many people do appreciate.

If you want to kickstart your weed smoking journey with some subtle and citrus flavored strains, these are some of the absolute best options that you can look into. Always ensure that you focus on getting the right strain that fits your needs and won’t make you feel overwhelmed while you are smoking. Some of them have a high THC content, so be aware of the amount you smoke and where you smoke it.

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