20 Concepts of Commercial Shoot Ideas

Are you searching for fresh ideas for product photography? The cut-throat competition that exists in the market today makes it important for you to come up with unique, interesting, and eye-catching product photography which is different from what people are used to. 

These 20 commercial shoot photography ideas should help you take gorgeous photos for your digital marketing campaign.

1. Hire Models

Use models when you are dealing with jewelry or clothing because they will be able to showcase your products perfectly well. A model provides your customers with an idea about how the clothes or jewelry will fit.

2. Use Reflections

If used properly, reflections add some depth to a shot that would look ordinary, and this kind of photo could get viral and can be instrumental for attracting traffic to your website and for general SEO growth.

3. Symmetry

Use symmetry, which is perhaps the most powerful photography method to make your product photos easy to grasp and more pleasing to the eye.

4. Color Blocking Background

Most people have gotten tired of white backdrops for product photography. You need to come up with something creative and interesting that your customers will like. You can combine complementary or contrasting colors and you will have a better result.

5. Use Stands

Stands that include cubes and stones add dynamics to every product photo.

6. Shoot from Unusual Angles

Shoot from different angles and compare the results. Share the best shot with your targeted audience.

7. Incorporate Broken Elements

Broken elements help to make photographs more eye grabbing. You can place the product on top of broken ceramics or glass.

8. Shoot Flatlays

Improve your flatlays by using thematic props, therefore delivering an incredible thematic visual interest.

9. Add Texture

Textured product photography stands out and makes an amazing choice for branding.

10. Try Lifestyle Shots

Take photo shots that would make your customers imagine they use the product.

11. Use Humor

Humor in project photography helps to make products more approachable. Also, funny photos tend to go viral.

12. Emphasize the Product’s Color

Make sure that your product colors are captured accurately, and the dimensions properly showcased.

13. Freeze the Motion

Motion is an amazing way to achieve stunning photos and makes it possible for you to capture photos that human eyes cannot see.

14. Show Ingredients

Showing the ingredients which have been made to create a product promotes transparency with your purchasers.

15. Include the Human Element

Add some human elements to your photography. This may include body parts such as hands and helps to make your product image complete.

16. Use Paper Craft Backgrounds

Using product photography backdrops that include painted backgrounds can help make your photography more appealing.

17. Floating Products

Hang your products and you can use photography to create a powerful three-dimensional look. You can try it several times until you get the correct shot.

18. Focus on Feelings

Be keen and showcase the feelings which you want to evoke in the consumer of the product.

19. Convey the Atmosphere

Make sure that the customer is immersed in the product’s atmosphere. Use lighting and props to establish the right mood and tone.

20. Use Smoke

A cloud of smoke adds a mysterious or dramatic atmosphere to your product photography. Choose a colored smoke, as it may be appropriate for your product.


A  commercial photo that you will use for SEO campaigns or any other form of marketing should be attractive and should make the targeted audience want to own the  product. To achieve eye-catching photography for your product marketing, the above 20 tips can be of immense help.

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