Play with 789bet

Play with 789bet

Download the 789bet app

If you are using your phone to play, you can download the 789bet app from iStore or CH play. This is an application that is exclusively used for phones in 2 operating systems Android and iOS.

Especially, this application is provided 100% free for users to experience. Therefore, we can make sure that every player can experience the gambling with us.

Create your account

To become a member at 789bet website, or tải app 789bet for Android and IOS. The first thing you need to do is identify your own information. This is compulsory to all online gambling platform at the moment.

The house will not accept any member of under 18 years old due to legal rules. We always respect member’s social responsibilities and only open to players who have and understand thoroughly their rights as well as being responsible for the things they do.

So let’s move to the account creating process.

First of all, visit our official website and follow carefully the instructions to register for an account.

Then, prepare a bank account to be able to make deposits/withdrawals. Notice that all online banking and payment transactions of players made on the website are standard with 128-bit SSL encryption – the highest level of security implemented by reputable international financial institutions.

Lastly, fill in with your identical information to complete the request. These ID and password information is unique and must be owned by one single player. This is the condition 789bet offers to maximize the player’s profit.

Deposit and withdraw money on 789bet

We have created a good and prolong relationship with banking and e-wallet partners so you will feel extremely convenient when depositing and withdrawing your money with us. We are now available on the following systems:

E-wallet momo

Online money transfer service

Bank transfer system

Zalo pay system

To make withdrawals and deposits with us, you just simply log in to your account, then link to your bank account and implement your transactions. Remember that your bank account information must be accurate to ensure your payment transactions are done correctly.

Our Promotions

With the motto of giving customers the best servicing experience, the house always updates and launches attractive promotions on weekly basis. Those are:

Special promotion for new players when making their first transaction.

Attractive offers for certain deposit levels.

Promotion for players who deposit regularly and continuously.

Promotion when winning consecutively or incentive reward when losing consecutively.

So what are you waiting for, let’s play at 789bet immediately to gain promotions in a world-class betting playground with international standards and the opportunity to win prizes of extremely high odds?

Frequently asked questions about 789bet

When players search about the 789bet, they often have some questions as follows:

Is 789bet reputable? Is there any scam in this bookie?

We can assure that 789bet is a reputable bookie and not a scam. We always operates under the protection of the law and respect the rights of players. Hence, when playing at the house, you will never encounter any problem of being scammed, scammed or get caught by authorities.

There are some information says that our dealers have scammed from players. It is not true and might be some incorrect slanders from bad behaviored players or rumors from brand competitors.

Which banks do we support?

To help the player’s deposit and withdrawal process runs smoothly and precisely, we support almost all the banks on the market. Currently, players can make transaction through these banks:

Vietcombank bank.

BIDV Bank.

ACB bank.


Vietinbank Bank.

Sacombank Bank.

In order for your payment transactions to be convenient and processed with the fastest speed, we recommend that you should trade through the banks supported by us. And, at the same time, your bank account needs to be registered with your own information.

Have 789bet administrators been caught?

No, all information related to our creators being caught or collapsed is totally not true. We can strongly confirm this because the website is still operating openly and transparently in the market. So if we were get caught or the bookie was crashed, would we be able to function like this?

What to do when the platform is under maintenance and cannot be processed?

When playing at the house, sometimes you will encounter the situation of not being able to access the website due to some system errors or the daily maintenance schedule. The solution for you is as follows:

When the house is under maintenance time: You can choose to play through the 789bet mobile app or wait until this process ends.

When the access link is blocked: You can also use the betting application on your phone or changing your DNS address, IP address or access to the new backup link we provide.

What to do when your transaction is delayed?

When this happens, all you need to do is waiting for the payment transaction to be processed by the house. If the delay time is up to 3-5 days and the money has not been returned to the player’s bank account, please contact the bookie’s customer care center for immediate assistance.

On the other hand, the player’s withdrawal transaction should be processed within the prescribed time from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Please use some quick withdrawal tips below:

Members should choose to withdraw money in the morning from Monday to Friday before 11 a.m.

You should not place a withdrawal order before the house goes into maintenance time.

You should withdraw money through supported banks in Vietnam.

You absolutely should not place a withdrawal order on a bank holiday.

For your first withdrawal, please carefully check the information on the withdrawal slip before submitting this request.

Is players’ information leaked at some circumstances?

789bet is an international bookie so we have extremely good security on customer information. When playing at the house, your information will never be exposed to outside. Unless you arbitrarily disclose your private information to a third party who is trying to steal your account.

Therefore, we recommend that you should absolutely not disclose your information to anyone. Moreover, you are not even allowed to click on strange links that are not under the control of the house. Sometimes the links you clicked can contain malicious code that can steal your account information.


So our article has shared all the information related to . We hope that this will be useful to help you get everything you need to know about us. And we always want you to have a lot of useful experiences and make a fortune when playing.

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